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Employee Health Management

          We attach great importance to the health and safety of our employees. In accordance with the Regulations of the Labor Health Protection, we have employed 10 full-time nurses and 6 contract nurses in the Headquarters, the Sugar Business Division and Xiaogang Sugar Refinery, Yunchia Operation Branch and Huewei Sugar Factory, Tainan Operation Branch and Shanhwa Sugar Factory, Agriculture Business Division, Petroleum Business Division, Livestock Business Division, Leisure Business Division, Kaohsiung Operation Branch and Pingtung Operation Branch respectively, which is superior to the regulations. The total number of employed or contracted nursing staff service covers 100% of the total number of employees.

          In addition, based on the needs of each unit, we invited a contract doctor to provide on-site service once every month or quarter to jointly promote the four comprehensive health management programs of special protection, health care, health promotion and employee assistance. We hope to comply with the regulations and meet the practical needs and focus on risk management and employee care. In addition, we strive to prevent occupational injuries and diseases and promote the physical and mental health of our employees.

Occupational Hazard Prevention

          In order to prevent employees from diseases caused by shift work, night work, long hours of work and other abnormal workloads, we planned a “Implementation of Management Project of Disease Associated with Abnormal Workload”. We arranged for doctors to predict the risk of brain and cardiovascular disease associated with workload. Employees with high risks need to consult with the doctors for specific guidance and follow-up. In 2022, 96 events and 646 employees were arranged for this management plan. For employees taking long-term sick leave and public injury leave, injury management and recovery tracking was carried, and the evaluation report of a total of 84 people returning to work was completed.

Health Promotion Activities

          We held relevant health education lectures to promote employees' self-health management ability and professional growth. There were 67 sessions with 3,193 participants in total. In order to encourage the employees for the follow-up and early treatment, we provide the official leave for self-paid health examination and the Employee Welfare Committee subsidizes up to NTD 10,000 of self-paid health examination fee per person per year. The employees informed of major abnormalities in the health checkups would receive re-inspection notice for the return visit within 10 working days, and a total of 153 people paid return visits.

          In addition, free cancer screening services and Maternal Health Protection Plan are provided. In 2022, 436 employees received colorectal cancer screening; For the Maternal Health Protection Plan, the regular birth inspection rate among the 34 pregnant female workers was 100%, and the rate of health instruction and promotion of the 20 female workers during lactation also reached 100%.

          By upholding the concept that the talent is the most important asset of the Company, TSC has been committed to the development of a healthy and friendly workplace, planning complete physical and mental balance measures. In addition to requiring all units to actively promote the employee assistance programs, the Heart to Heart Consulting Room has also been set up to help the employees to relieve their mental stress. TSC held health check once two years for employees. Various parent-child activities and ecological education activities are also organized. Basketball courts, badminton courts and tennis courts as well as walking trails are also established in the company to enable the employees to train their body for health. We also encourage our employees to establish sports associations to set autonomous training. Company Cup badminton, table tennis, 3 on 3 basketball games and participate in sports competitions held by local governments are also held to allow our employees to show the results of their usual training and to condense the team spirit.

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