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Annual Good Neighbor and Public Welfare Activities

          TSC has formulated the Key points of Good-neighborliness Work of Taiwan Sugar Corporation. A budget is prepared every year to assist local government, student clubs, associations ( societies ) , foundations, and other organizations to handle various activities. TSC and its affiliated units not only implement the promotion of the good neighborly relations to provide help and assistance to the communities but also continue to invest in the public welfare to care for the society and the disadvantaged groups so as to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. In 2022, we organized educational and   cultural activities and public welfare activities for the elderly, the weak,and the physically and mentally disabled, with a total of 115 public welfare activities, donating NTD 6.242 million in total.

Annual Good Neighborly and Public Welfare Activities(Only Some of the Activities Are Listed Here)

Title of Event Description
Neighborly activity-Celebration of Dragon Boat Festival with Rice Dumplings
The Sugar Business Division originally planned to invite all the village residents to jointly make rice dumplings together. However, the event was cancelled due to severe epidemic situations. To avoid gatherings, the rice dumplings were sent to the offices of the heads of villages for them to pass on the rice dumplings to those who were in need. Through this event, the relationships between the Sugar Business Division and the neighboring residents were strengthened. This also embodied the meaning of the festival, creating a cultural atmosphere while strengthening the bond with the neighboring communities.
The 25th Wandan Sugarcane Cultural Festival
The Sugar Business Division organized walking and intellectual tours at the site of the original sugar railway and Wandan sugarcane field. By promoting the local government’s concept of local industry culture, the characteristics of TSC’s sugarcane breeding could be widely known. TSC organized sugarcane-related fun activities for the visitors. The goal of sustainable development of ESG is incorporated in our corporate culture to enhance the corporate value. All the visitors can feel the warmth of TSC as an enterprise.
2022 Meal Delivery, Sending Love and Happiness in Cold Winter
The Leisure Business Division shared the big new year meals of Taisugar Evergreen Hotel with the disadvantaged at the time for year-end reunion for them to enjoy the warm food and joy. We invited the elders living alone, families in need or disadvantaged families as well as low-income families invited by the head of the village to jointly enjoy the food, expressing TSC’s sincerity to give back to the neighboring communities and the society.
2022 TSC Run for Love
The 2022 TSC Run for Love had the theme of “Going through the Epidemic and Embracing Health”. It was held on December 4 in the Yan-Cheng Cultural Park of Suantou Sugar Factory in Chiayi County, and the marathon celebrity Xiaobi’s mother (Ms. Chen Jia-ling) pushed Xiaobi and led the participants to rush out of the starting line. The whole route stretches along the railroad of the slowest sugar train to the fastest HSR station, and then to the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum. The participants could explore the future extension route of the sugar train with their feet, enjoying the field scenery and fresh air along the way. This year, the participants and Xiaobi and his mother left their footprint of love. TSC also donated materials worth of NTD 100,000 to the Social Affairs Bureau of Chiayi County to aid the disadvantaged families in the area.
“Caring for the Neighbors, Giving Warmth on Moon Festival” public welfare activity
To promote TSC’s corporate social responsibility, we actively listen to the social needs. TSC planned the purchase a batch of pomelos on August 29, 2022, and donated them to the police and fire stations, cleaning units in the neighboring areas and the gas stations of the Petroleum Business Division to support the pomelo farmers and high-quality agricultural products while maintaining good interactions with the neighboring communities, and thereby promoting TSC’s corporate social responsibility and the public welfare image.
Donated used computers to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Northern Tainan District for the good-neighborly public welfare activity
During the severe  epidemic,  on line   learning  became  a   new   trend  of  learning.  The General Management Office  helped  children  in  the  Taiwan  Fund  for   Children  and  Families  to  be  able to continue learning online during the epidemic by donating used computers to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Northern  Tainan District.  This fully demonstrated TSC's spirit of its corporate social responsibility and also enhanced the positive image of caring for the disadvantaged and enthusiastic for social welfare of TSC. 
Donated daily necessities to Tainan’s Yien Assn. for good neighborly & public welfare activity
On November 3, 2022, 4 employees from the Taiwan Sugar Research Institute and the Tainan Sales Office of the Merchandising Division donated a batch of daily necessities to Tainan’s Yien Assn. It is hoped that through the material donation, the Company’s good intention to take care of the neighbors can be expressed and the positive image of caring for the neighbors and being enthusiastic for social welfare can be enhanced.
Visiting Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circulation Park for good neighborly & social care activity
Located in Changzhi Township for more than 6 decades, the field has been transformed from a traditional livestock housing to a modern green energy livestock housing. The Livestock Business Division and the Changzhi Township jointly organized the Fun Summer Vacation Activity for Parents and Children in Changzhi Township, inviting the people in Changzhi Township to come to the Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circulation Park for the neighboring residents to understand the brand-new model of the Animal Industry Business and the results of the implementation of circular economy.
Sponsored the“Passionate Darlin Cittaslow- A Gift that Saves Lives” Event
Petroleum Business Division and Biotechnology Business Division sponsored the “Passionate Darlin Cittaslow- A Gift that Saves Lives” Event organized by China Youth Corps for Dalin, and Dalin Township Office and provided TSC products (Alcoholic Tissues, Alcohol Wipes Single Piece Packing, and A total of 100 packs of 1kg Taisugar Organic White rice to increase people’s willingness for blood donation.
Donation to the Anren Home in Chiayi for social care and public welfare
Anren Home in Chiayi is an institution for children and teenagers encountering family accidents & changes, and it is also a juvenile correctional institution. The Biotechnology Business Division donated organic rice and salad oil to provide daily necessities to the disadvantaged groups of children and teenagers in the society.
Donation  to Happy Mount Institutional Care Center for social care and public welfareThe Merchandising Division donated NTD 50,000 value of Taisugar oligosaccharide lactic acid bacteria to the Happy Mount. Institutional Care Center of the New Taipei City Happy Mount. Social Welfare Fundation to help take care of the gastrointestinal health of the residents.
Material donation and care activities for Lain Xin Yuan Education and Nursing Center
The Agriculture Business Division donated Taisugar organic rice, canned food like Roasted Eel, Mackerel in Tomato Sauce, and Sweet Corn, as well as a batch of living supplies to help the 96 residents of elderly persons living alone and mentally challenged children to fulfill our social responsibility.
Donation to the Ciseng Ren-Ai Center for The Disabled in Chunghua County for social care
Chungchang District Office donated 28 boxes of Taisugar organic rice, 12 boxes of organic brown rice (40 boxes in total, with a total of 480kg) and 10 boxes of Taisugar salad oil, bringing daily necessities and warm love to the residents here.
Provided fence boards, venues, and co-organized various public welfare activities for free

Kaohsiung Branch has organized the following social care work: 

  1. Planned and handled the provision of the fence boards in Chengkung Logistic Park and large car park for free for the government or organizations to publicize government decrees, activities, or for neighborly activities.
  2. Cooperated with the Transportation Bureau to assist taxi union to organize the public welfare activity of taking a taxi after drinking.
  3. Worked with the Lions Clubs International to organize- The Beauty of Great Love, Doing Good in the World - Caring for the Vulnerable Charity Fair. 
  4. Responded to the Kaohsiung Branch of the Export Processing Zone Administration Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to assist with blood donation activities.
  5. Cooperated with the Kaohsiung City Government’s publicity of the Stop to Give Way to Pedestrians event.
Material donation and neighborly activity to Mindao Home
The Yunjia District Office donated condolence fund of NTD 15,000 and a batch of daily necessities of Taisugar products to send our warmth and goodwill to the neighbors and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.
2022 Crystal Sugar Summer Camp for the neighborly activity
Tainan District Office provided guided tour and with the hands-on activities to enable the participating children to understand the sugar production process. Children were taken to the Shanhua Sugar Museum to learn about the history of the sugar factory. The children also visited the organic garden and were introduced the production of organic fertilization and vegetable production and packaging, arousing children’s interests in learning. This year, we especially asked the Department of Ethics to dispatch personnel to give a lecture on integrity. Games were provided to introduce these children the concept of honesty through games.
Love you-Being Together In Time

Kaohsiung District Office co-organized the “Love you-Being Together In Time” Event with Kaohsiung City Yongsan Charity Association on March 17, 2022 to express our care for the disadvantaged, enhancing the positive corporate image of caring for the disadvantaged and being enthusiastic for public welfare.

Pingtung County Erfeng Canal Centennial Activity Series
Erfeng Canal in Pingtung County is not only a cultural asset of water conservancy, but also an important industrial heritage of the sugar industry. To promote the contribution of the century-old Erfeng Canal to Taiwan’s water conservancy, Pingtung District Office invited students from senior high, junior high and primary schools of Pingtung County to understand the history, natural environment, and the beauty of water conservancy construction method of Erfeng Canal.
Social Care Activities on Mid-Autumn Festival
Our associates in Huatung District Office went to the Catholic Private Savior Home for Disabled Person and Taitung County Parents' Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability to send our love on Mid-Autumn Festival and donated daily necessities (a batch of Taisugar products) to shorten the distance with the local communities and actively participate in the caring for the disadvantages.
TSC Million Convenience Stores provide deepened community services

Marketing Business Division made use of Million Convenience Stores to provide friendly and convenient services and to be a sweet and good neighbor in the community to fulfill our corporate social responsibility:

  1. Provide temporary and safe base for school children.
  2. Provide a referral information platform for employment matchmaking, long-term care and repairmen.
  3. Provide community residents with free health consultation for blood pressure measurement every Wednesday.
  4. Renovated and expanded the seating area in our Minquan Branch in Younghe Distruct and also serves as the service station for elementary school sutdents.

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