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Collaboration with Allies

Assiting Allies Smallholder Coffee and Giving Back to Locals with School Building Projects

          Honduras was an important country we have diplomatic relation with. Honduran coffee is imported to Taiwan for sale through trade. In addition, TSC assists Taiwan Agricultural Investment and Development Co., Ltd. to expand the international supply chain of agricultural products (such as avocado) from contract farming and integrated production and marketing. Coffee is an important export commodity of Honduras. Based on the consideration of overseas agriculture and humane care for coffee farmers, TSC directly purchases coffee from smallholders in Honduras and cooperates with domestic companies to bring excellent Honduran coffee to people in Taiwan and give back partial of the profits to projects to enhance the smallholders’ production technology and quality of life in Honduras. Purchases from smallholders and marketing activities of the project will continue from 2018-2022 to establish TSC’s Honduran coffee brand and consumer groups.

          In 2017, with the concept of “deep-rooting in Taiwan and caring for the livelihood of allies”, TSC introduced and promoted the unique highland small-farm coffee from Honduras, which has been well received, and the smallholder coffee farmers were substantially helped. Starting from July, 2018, we cooperated with local NGOs in the project of building schools to assist in the construction of schools in remote areas of the local community. We have helped construct 3 schools to contribute our efforts to the education of the next generation of the smallholders. In 2022, this excellent grade of Honduras Highland smallholder coffee representing public welfare value was available in Family Mart Convenient Stores (limited-time offer), Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), and part of TSC Gas Stations. In October the same year, the new Canet Series Coffee was launched to expand the product line. The products were promoted and marketed by means of public welfare coffee concerts, Puncar tour in brand-new puncars, and others.

          Due to the impact of the severance of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Honduras on March 26, 2023, TSC terminated the import of coffee beans from Honduras and the construction project of the 4th school. We gave priority to evaluating the purchase of green coffee beans from Guatemala. Taisugar Coffee itself has its own taste and story behind it. The coffee also has its own significance in terms of public welfare. TSC hops to bridge with our allies through coffee to pass on the good deeds and positive influence from Taiwan to our allies. We would like to invite our consumers to continue your support of Taisugar Coffee and give our love to local farmers and children in our allies to help children on the other end of the earth have future with visions.

Taiwan-Paraguay Phalaenopsis Industry Development Project

          In recent years, the economic development in Paraguay has grown rapidly and the demands for flowers has also gone up sharply. When Paraguayan President visited Taiwan on the occasion of Taiwan National Day in 2018, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen proposed the “Taiwan-Paraguay Phalaenopsis Industry Development Plan”, hoping to assist Paraguay in establishing the Phalaenopsis Industry, creating employment opportunities so as to improve the economic income and people’s lives in Paraguay through the successful experience in Taiwan.

          To carry out the "Taiwan-Paraguay Phalaenopsis Industry Development Plan”, TSC cooperated with the Council of Agriculture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Paraguayan Embassy, the International Cooperation and Development Fund and Taiwan Orchid Growers Association and organized the Taiwan Orchid Exhibition in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay during the National Day of Paraguay in 2019. This orchid exhibition combined the elements of Taiwanese culture, art and storytelling and was well received, enhancing the understanding of Phalaenopsis among people in Paraguay and laying the foundation for cooperation in the Phalaenopsis Industry between Taiwan and Paraguay.

          TSC, International Cooperation and Development Fund and Taiwan Agricultural Investment and Development Co., Ltd. formed a team and sent personnel to Paraguay in December 2019 to assist them in the production of high-quality Phalaenopsis and establishment of a business model to open up the high-end market locally. In 2020, the team overcame the impact of COVID-19 and produced high-end Phalaenopsis locally, and the preliminary test of transporting flasked orchid seedling by air was completed in July, 2021, paving a path for future industrial localization and cooperation between Taiwan and Paraguay. The short-term industrial goal is to target at the domestic market in Paraguay, and it is expected to expand to foreign markets. The four goals of this project, including “meeting the domestic demands”, “creating job opportunities”, “increasing output value”, and “foreign exchange earnings” are to be realized step by step.

          After several years of implementation of the Taiwan-Paraguay Phalaenopsis Industry Development Project, this project was successfully concluded in March, 2022. The New Paraguay project focuses on the cultivation of local industries. In the new project, TSC only dispatches consultants to assist with the establishment of local production and marketing systems and supplies a small number of tissue-cultured seedlings as the main participating model. This also demonstrates the success of the original Taiwan-Paraguay Phalaenopsis Industry Development Project.

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