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2022 E-Environmental Aspect

  • Made use of residual bagasse for power generation for self-use, and the total power generated in 2022 totaled 11.7905 million kWh.
  • Made use of pig manure and urine for biogas energy production, and the total power generated amounted to 1.3528 million kWh, a 7.1% increase compared with 2021.
  • Produced 199 certificates of biomass renewable energy, that is 199,000 kWh of green. 
  • The cumulative installation of solar photovoltaic facilities has reached 334.05 MW, including 14.76MW of rooftop equipment, 99.95MW of floating PV energy generation equipment (detention ponds), 219.34MW of ground-mounted (including low-fertility agricultural land).
  • Implemented power and energy conservation, and the total energy saved at TSC in 2022 was approximated 13,118 GJ, reducing approximately 969.33 tonnes of CO2e. 
  • A total of 703 sessions of green meetings were held, reducing 57.503 tonnes of CO2e.
  • The total green procurement rate in 2022 was 99.56%.
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