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2022 G-Governance Aspect

  • The average attendance rate of directors in the board meetings was 100%; the 3 functional committees under the board convened 43 meetings, and the results of the performance evaluation all reached “Excellent”.
  • The Board of Directors reviewed a total of 206 cases that included policies, economic, environmental and social issues. 
  • A total of 16 sessions of anti-corruption briefings, 30 sessions of anticorruption training and advocacy exercises were organized in 2022, with 2,082 employees participating. 
  • In the handling of various types of procurement tenders, 100% of the business partners have been notified of anti-corruption policies. 
  • A total of 68 labor-management meetings were held in 2022. 
  • In the board of directors of TSC in 2022, there are 6 female directors, accounting for more than one-third of the total board seats.
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