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Message from the Top Management

          2021 marks the 75th anniversary for Taiwan Sugar Corporation. Looking back on the year 2020,the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic has made a global impact, affecting catering, tourism, transport and other industries, leading to shrinkage of trading volume, supply chain disruption, and increasing unemployed population. However, the new daily routine of social distancing and reduced frequency of gathering has yet accelerated the popularity of remote work and the growth of Stay-at-Home Economy. Although vaccines against COVID-19 have been successively developed by major international pharmaceutical companies and the vaccine shots have been taken in some countries, the threats of virus variants and the uncertainty of the vaccine efficacy as well as the side effects have made it impossible to predict the day for the end of the pandemic. Yet the loose monetary policies implemented by various countries in response to the pandemic have caused the decoupling between the financial performance and the real economy, and the doubts of asset bubbles have also emerged.

          In the face of the post-COVID-19 era, TSC may have more resources and flexibility to deal with unknow changes based on the existing strategy of diversification, but no companies can survive independently in the society. Therefore, with the vision of “becoming a benchmark enterprise in the health and green industries in the Asian Pacific Region”, Taiwan Sugar Corporation will actively work on the collaborations with our partners from different sectors while at the same time taking into account the development trend of global economy, policy needs, and public expectations when making efforts in the following directions.

  • New Agriculture and Health Industries

          Fresh and safe food is the foundation of good health. Therefore, TSC continues the rebuilding of modern piggeries, expansion of organic planting area and contractual farming, and expansion of the scale of environmentally friendly farming in collaboration with young farmers and small-scale farmers for the production of high-quality agricultural and livestock products. In addition, we also construct the Circular Agricultural Park, Ecological Education Park and the Circular Education Park. We also choose suitable sites for ecological habitat restoration or make use of the existing natural resources such as the afforestation in the plain area and Aogu Wetland for the development of ecotourism. The brand characteristics of sugar mills and the sugar industry culture can be combined at the same time to reach the goals of environmental conservation, lifelong learning and creation of local industries

  • Green Energy and Circular Economy
          In terms of the development of green energy, TSC applies the self-construction, cooperative operation and land leasing models to coordinate with the government policy for the promotion of solar photovoltaic energy (solar PV energy). In addition, we also make use of the fermentation of pig manure and urine for biogas energy and set up a joint venture with companies in the private sector to plan for the conversion of food and agricultural waste into biogas energy and fertilizers through anaerobic digestion technology.
          In the practice of waste recycling, it is planned to develop pork cuts, remaining parts of processed pork and non-edible parts into high-value raw materials for food, animal farming, and biotechnology. In addition, the construction of the Biotechnological Material Plant has been completed, which can turn waste oyster shells into agricultural fertilizers, calcium carbonate for feed and high value-added biomass raw materials. We are also building intelligence circular housing for rent only and not for sale, combining the concepts of renewable energy, ecological agriculture, sharing economy and material bank to expand the application scope of circular economy to set a benchmark for the industry.

  • Assets Activation for Prosperous Economy
          Taiwan Sugar Corporation has abundant land and assets. In addition to fulfilling its responsibilities as a state-owned business, TSC not only cooperates with local governments for the development of industrial parks and commercial areas and the construction of social housing and residential houses for senior citizens, it also provides the sugar factory areas for rent externally to facilitate industrial development and investment so as to promote the overall industrial upgrading and development.

  • Strengthening the Corporate Physique and Promoting Performance
          Looking at the advantages and resources of the company, TSC focuses on the core businesses and makes organizational adjustment based on the needs for future development.
          We promote the manpower quality and innovation momentum with the hiring of diverse talents and on-the-job interdisciplinary learning. The company also strengthen external cooperation to improve operating flexibility and investment efficiency by means of cooperative management and reinvestment. Moreover, the responsibility center system, control over responsible targets and the assessment and reward system are implemented for the improvement of the operating performance.TSC is stepping toward its vision while at the same time continuing to give back to the society.
          We have been providing places, manpower and materials to take care of the disadvantaged groups through the joint efforts from public welfare organizations. In the year 2020 when we all suffered from the pandemic of COVID-19, TSC not only produced anti-epidemic products such as alcohol, alcohol wipes and alcoholic spray cleaner, but also provided food delivery, anti-epidemic alcohol and rent reduction measures to go through the pandemic with our fellow countrymen together.

          This 2021 TSC Sustainability Report provides detailed information of our achievements in economic, environmental and social aspects in the past year. We are making efforts to move toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), expecting to win affirmation and recognition from the public. 
          We also look forward to your criticism, advice and support thatcan enable Taiwan Sugar Corporation to make continuous progress and contribute to the sustainability in Taiwan.

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