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Nanzhou Sugar Factory Ice Treats Shop


Nanzhou Sugar Factory, the southernmost sugar factory of Taiwan, has the longest peak season of summer ice treats in Taiwan. Ice treats here are all made in the ice treats shop of Pingtung Sugar Factory, providing a variety of special flavors.

Nanzhou Sugar Factory Ice Treats Shop is known for its azuki yeast ice and azuki milk ice. Also, you can actually taste grapes in the lime grape ice cream served here. Grapes in it were submerged in champagne before they were added into the ice cream. Its unique flavor is worth a try.

Business Information

Operating hours: 9:30AM-5:30PM
Tel: +886-8-8646265
Address: No. 1, Yong’an Rd., Nanzhou Township, Pingtung County 926003, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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