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Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory


Hualien Sugar Factory was an important sugar factory in eastern Taiwan in the early days. After it ceased to operate in 2002, it was transformed into a tourism sugar factory. In recent years, it has aggressively run a tourism business in combination with guided tours, Japanese-style log cabin hotel, sugar factory ice treats, delicious meals, Taiwan Sugar Corporation products, agricultural products, souvenirs, and products with local features. It provides tourists with multiple and wonderful experiences of accommodation, dining, entertainment, and amusement.

Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory is located in Guangfu Township, Hualien County, which is rich with tourism resources. Surrounded by Huadong Valley, it has many attractions worth visiting, such as Tafalong Tribe, Vataan Recreational Agriculture Area, Laso’ay Estavel, the firefly season of Danong Dafu Plain Forest Park, and other attractions worth visiting in neighboring townships like Fuyuan Forest Recreational Area, rafting in Ruisui, hot springs and Lintianshan Forestry Culture Park. Visitors can enjoy different experiences at different times of the year; it is the best destination for the whole family to have fun.

Business Information

Operating hours for Taisugar Hotel.Hualien: All year round.
Operating hours for Ice Treats Shop and Merchandise Shop: 08:00AM-08:00PM
Tel: +886-3-8704125
Address: No. 19, Tangchang St., Guangfu Township, Hualien County 976002, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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