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TSC not selling fructose, but sugar and liquid cane sugar, also willing to boost production for demand


A beverage supplier claimed through the media that overall prices of hand-shaken beverages increased, partly as a result of rising cost of fructose, and further indicated that TSC should not raise the fructose price. "We do not produce fructose; all we make are sugar and liquid cane sugar," said TSC.

"The price of TSC consumer packaged sugar has remained NT$36 per kg since 2016, even though the global sugar prices rose," TSC pointed out. Price of institutional packaged sugar has already skyrocketed by 28.7% since January of 2021; however, in order to alleviate impacts on the domestic sugar market, the prices of TSC's sugar and liquid cane sugar only slightly increased. Based on the increased rate of 28.7%, the price of domestic sugar should have gone up to NT$30 but TSC's latest list price of institutional packaged sugar is only NT$25.1 which is lower than the global sugar price.

"The price of the liquid cane sugar should have been NT$21 according to the world sugar prices; yet, the latest price is only NT$17.9," said TSC, suggesting that beverage vendors could substitute liquid cane sugar for fructose to buffer rising costs of drinks. TSC is also willing to boost the production to fully meet the demand and stabilize the market. 

"We do not make or sell fructose," TSC emphasized, "if beverage manufacturers need liquid sugar, TSC is ready to stimulate the production for the demand." Recently TSC also promised to remain the prices of its consumer products the same until 2022 Lantern Festival. The 'affordable zones' are already set up in 20 TSC Million stores to offer customers a wide selection of products with fair prices. 

TSC News Contact Person:

Chang Mu-Jung

Public Relations, Department of Secretariat, TSC

Contact Number: 886-6-337-8819 / 886-920-636-951

Email: a63449@taisugar.com.tw

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