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TSC partners 5 major carriers, investing NT$4.5 billion to expand logistics

TSC has been actively expanding its logistics services. It partners with 5 logistics providers to establish the 'Zhong An Logistic Park' in Kaohsiung following the Cheng Kung Logistic Park. TSC hosts a joint development launching ceremony today, and announces NT$4.5 billion investment to build up an international logistics center. It is estimated to add NT$2.59 billion to the local, infusing strong impetus into southern Taiwan.

Kaohsiung Deputy Mayor Lo Ta-sheng attends the ceremony, along with TSC chairman Chen Chao-yih and 5 other representatives from Yeangder Group, Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co., J. Shine International Logistics Co., Kerry TJ Logistics Co., and Chen Chyang Transportation Co. All of the carriers jointly announce to make Kaohsiung become as a global logistics hub which boosts economic growth and employment, and upgrades the logistics industry.

"The Zhong An Logistic Park is situated at the intersection of Zhong'an Rd. and Min'an Rd. in Kaohsiung's Qianzhen Dist., and it occupies an area of 14.78 hectares," TSC said, "it lies not merely close to the northern side of Kaohsiung International Airport, but also in the Southern Semiconductor S Corridor." The park links to the Port of Kaohsiung, heading north towards TSMC's Kaohsiung plant, Ciaotou Science Park, Lujhu Science Park, and Tainan Science Park, and southbound to Xiaogang Dist., Linyuan Industrial Park, and Da Fa and Ho Fa Industrial Parks. The Zhong An Logistic Park holds combined advantages of road, water and air transport.

"The Zhong An Logistic Park is built under the right of superficies through rental bidding," TSC stated further. The lease term is 20 years, and the 5 winning tenderers are going to invest NT$4.5 billion to establish the Zhong An Logistic Park as an international and state-of-the-art logistics center. The park is to adopt multi-temperature automated storage and retrieval systems, and smart operation management; also, the roofs of buildings will be equipped solar panels to comply with ESG rules. It is estimated to create 890 jobs and add NT$2.59 billion to the local economy.

TSC News Contact Person:
Chang Mu-jung
Public Relations, Department of Secretariat, TSC
Contact Number: 886-6-337-8819 / 886-920-636-951
Email: a63449@taisugar.com.tw

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