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TSC gives gas discount of NT$1.5 per liter this May for anniversary

TSC marks its 76th anniversary on the first of May this year. To thank public support and share the joy, TSC gas stations give discount of NT$1.5 per liter for each gas fill-up with at least 20 liters (cash payment only). Self-service gas fill-ups enjoy the same discount with no minimum amount of fuel so even scooters can save money too. Some customers prefer direct gas discount over other promotional incentives and hope TSC to celebrate anniversary every day.

To greet the 76th anniversary, from May 1 to 30, TSC gas stations launch a gasoline promotion, offering gas discount of NT$1.5 per liter for every cash-based fill-up with at least 20 liter (NT$1.0 for credit card based transaction). The campaign is also applied to self-service gasoline. TSC encourages consumers to pump their own fuel to receive NT$1.5 discount without the minimum fuel required, a great boon for scooters and credit card users.

"TSC is currently the biggest gasoline franchise system of Chinese Petroleum Company (CPC)," said Mr. Xu, the CEO of TSC Petroleum Business Division. TSC has procured gasoline from CPC for a long time. In order to keep the brand promise of pure quality and sufficient quantity, TSC removes oil sludge from oil storage tanks and replaces oil filter elements on a regular basis. This anniversary campaign is not just to reward loyal customers during this inflationary period, but also to invite them to celebrate corporate anniversary like their own birthdays.

In addition, some of TSC gas stations serve Honduran small farm coffee. Getting a cup of the Honduran coffee can support those farmers' income. TSC also contributes a portion of coffee revenue to promote education in Honduras and there have been three local schools built since then. When you rush to fill up gas at TSC, remember to catch your breath and get yourself a cup of coffee, also to support the small farmers of our ally Honduras. "During the promotion, buying 10 cups gets 1 free with drink-it-later service provided," TSC said. 

TSC News Contact Person:

Ke Sheng-tsung
Spokesman of Petroleum Business Division, TSC
Contact Number: 886-6-632-8703 ext.803 / 886-928-035-776
Email: a60205@taisugar.com.tw

Li Ming-chang
Petroleum Business Division, TSC
Contact Number: 886-6-632-8703 ext.101 / 886-963-653-399
Email: a61150@taisugar.com.tw

TSC Petroleum Business Division customer service hotline:
886-6-632-8703 ext.786 / 788

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