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TSC, LRI sign MOU to inject fresh impetus into sustainable livestock production


In order to promote resource cooperation and sustainability of livestock industry, TSC holds the 'TSC and LRI MOU Signing Ceremony' at its headquarters today. Mr. Wang, Kuo-Hsi, the TSC general manager, hosted the ceremony and joined hands with Mr. Huang, Jeng-Fang, the director of Livestock Research Institute (LRI), COA to officially sign the MOU under the witness of all attending members. In the future, TSC and LRI will deepen the cooperation in the fields of feed, meat processing, and smart agriculture, and with seeking sustainability as a starting point, both parties will jointly inject fresh energy to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of Taiwan's livestock industry 

"TSC and LRI are greatly complementary in resources, so signing the MOU multiplies mutual benefits and promotes the upgrading of domestic pig husbandry," TSC pointed out. TSC possesses the field experiences in feed production, pig farming, meat processing, and further incorporates LRI's innovation and technological capacities to form a competitive research team, focusing on feed formulation (precision nutrition, waste reduction feed, and local alternative feed), meat processing (meat export and carcass grading), and smart agriculture (agricultural mechanization and automation) to explore a new era of livestock production and agriculture development together. 

"Pig farming has been our core business; pursuing sustainable livestock production is our goal," TSC said. Recently, TSC incorporated the concepts of 'Circular Economy' and 'New Agriculture' into pig production and the related achievements have been publicly recognized. For example, TSC Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circulation Park officially operated last year and it is the world's first pig farm certified by BSI for embracing circular economy concepts; moreover, the project of renovating existing pig farms have gotten into full swing in recent years. TSC has taken the lead in setting industrial benchmarks and expects more partners to join in the transformation and upgrading of local pig husbandry. Through the cooperation with LRI, other than sharing of livestock resources and technology, potential R&D achievements will enhance overall competitiveness for both sides. 

"Besides feed, meat processing, and smart agriculture, the scope of cooperation also includes the exchange of experience, technology and academic information, education promotion, sharing of mutual resources, and livestock academic promotion," TSC supplemented. The MOU will help both sides win government and industry-academy cooperation projects, and share intellectual property right in the future which greatly accelerates innovations and growth of Taiwan's sustainable livestock production.

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Taiwan Sugar Research Institute

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