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TSC gas station to support local charities, allied small farmers via coffee


Since the pandemic reduces human interactions, charities have experienced a decline in the donations of money and supplies. In order to support them over this difficult period, TSC gas station, which has always been keeping long-term cooperation with charities, organizes the 'Donating Gasoline Reward Points to Charities' campaign to call for public actions of filling up at TSC and then donating reward points to vulnerable groups. Once filling up over 25 liters, TSC will offer an extra freebie, TSC Honduran Small Farm Drip Bag Coffee (Limit of 32,000 bags while supplies last). TSC hopes the gas station members to fervently respond to this campaign and to show endless warmth and love under the ruthless pandemic. 

"The COVID-19 devastates not only businesses and industries, but also social welfare groups," said TSC. TSC has long been caring local farmers and supporting philanthropic activities; therefore, after helping pineapple and mango farmers in the first half of this year, it reaches out again to those in need, offering TSC Honduran  Small Farm Drip Bag Coffee as freebies (Retail price NT$30/bag, total of 32,000 bags) to encourage customers to donate their gasoline reward points to support vulnerable groups. From Sept. 1, as long as customers donate their reward points to the 11 designated charitable organizations (or community giving cards), they can get free 3 packs of interfold tissue (50 sheets per pack) if filling up from 10 to 19 liters of gasoline; with upward 20 liters, either 1 bag of TSC Honduran  Small Farm Drip Bag Coffee, or 3 packs of interfold tissue (110 sheets) as a freebie item. "Our society needs help. It is hoped that the members can step forward to support those in need," TSC addressed.

"TSC Honduran Small Farm Coffee is not just a coffee with stories and flavor, but with goodwill and concepts," TSC complemented. TSC directly imported coffee beans from Honduran small coffee farmers and cooperated with IMPCT to contribute a portion of proceeds from coffee trade to help build local schools (3 schools have been operated up to now). TSC helps Honduran small farmers as well as children, and promotes coffee production and remote education to light up hopes with love in Honduras. Once customers fill up at TSC gas stations, through donating their reward points, they can deliver warmth to social welfare groups, and get to enjoy a mellow yet delicate sip of Honduran Small Farm Coffee. One donation, twice the support! Let's extend the love infinitely and overwhelm the world with kindness.

 "TSC has left no stone unturned to promote and implement corporate social responsibility, and continues to respond to social and public issues," said Mr. Xu, the CEO of TSC Petroleum Business Division, adding that TSC's acts of kindness never cease during the COVID-19 crisis. The campaign is estimated to accumulate 38.4 million of reward points which will be converted into around NT$38,000 worth of supplies to contribute to local communities and charities. 

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Li, Ming-Chang

Petroleum Business Division, TSC 

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