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Premier Su visits DHF Park, urging TSC to speed up modernization of pig farms


Premier Su Tseng-chang and his administrative team visit DHF Agricultural Circulation Park today. The park is a modern pig house built based on the circular economy (CE) and new agriculture of the 'five plus two' innovative industries plan. It is the first pig farm in the world certified by BSI of embracing concepts of CE. Premier Su affirms TSC's efforts to redefine the pig industry, and further urges TSC to accelerate modernization of its existing pig farms. He addresses the right thing needs to be done quickly, and expects TSC to lead the upgrading of Taiwan's agriculture and husbandry industries.

"The negative pressure ventilation system are introduced in the park to replace traditional and open style pig farms," TSC tells Premier Su, adding that the biogas power generation systems help recycle the pig waste in the full-closed environment to avoid odor emissions. The park also helps in processing pig manure and agricultural waste around the neighborhood. TSC is concerned about animal welfare and adopts IoT technology to raise pigs in safer and more comfortable surroundings. The park plans to initiate a young farmer cooperation project to help young talents to balance work and life; furthermore, it also shoulders responsibilities for promoting environmental education and circular economy.

Taiwan has been on high alert against African Swine Fever (ASF). Premier Su highly values ASF-related prevention and control measures. "As a state-run enterprise, TSC should serve as a bellwether for the industry," says Su. Knowing the features of temperature-, humidity-, odor-, and disease-controlled possessed by the new pig pens, Su specially affirms the tight restrictions on movement of people, vehicles, and goods in the park. He also expects that TSC leverages related experiences to play an industrial lead in ASF prevention.

Premier Su gives recognition to TSC for keeping line with government policies, taking the lead in building a green swine farm which demonstrates zero waste, zero emission, and zero accident. He also expects TSC to speed up modernization of the existing pig farms. Premier mentioned before that the right thing needs to be done quickly. It is expected the modernization strengthens the competitiveness and sustainable development of Taiwan swine industry.

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