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TSC gas station offering NT$50 cash back, plus extra Phalaenopsis seedlings

Because of economic impacts of COVID-19, TSC launched the “NT$50 cash back on each gasoline purchase over 25 liters” campaign as a relief measure to support people during the crisis. Moreover, since June 18, in addition to the cash back, TSC is going to give away a free Phalaenopsis seedling(with a limited quantity of 200,000 seedlings while supplies last) for every gas purchase over 25 liters as well. This promotional campaign saves consumers big bucks to ease financial pressure amid the pandemic; more importantly, growing Phalaenopsis orchids helps relaxation and alleviates tension during disease prevention.
“TSC gas stations have launched ‘buying gasoline, getting free Phalaenopsis seedlings’ promotional campaigns several times and those campaigns have earned positive customer word-of-mouth,” said Mr. Xu, the CEO of TSC Petroleum Business Division. In the first campaign, there were netizens to comment on the Baoliao Commune (爆料公社) Facebook group that it had not been popular for gas stations to give away tissues or bottled water while getting a Phalaenopsis seedling as a freebie at TSC gas stations was in fact very pleasantly surprising. Moreover, on the TSC gas station Facebook group, there was a regular customer to post pictures of Phalaenopsis orchids which blossomed annually in his backyard and he hoped TSC gas stations to continue this promotional campaign every year. 
This time TSC gas stations not only join the national epidemic prevention team to save customers NT$50 by the end of June, but also give away an extra Phalaenopsis seedling for each gasoline purchase over 25 liters. Hope this campaign can lessen customers’ financial pressure as well as tension during the crisis, and further assist them to restore the quality of life through decorating interiors with orchid scent or planting orchids outdoors to spread out its fragrance.
“TSC has its own orchid research base as well as breeding and propagation centers, and produces several millions of high quality Phalaenopsis orchid seedlings each year,” TSC stated. “90% of the seedlings are exported to Japan, Canada, USA, and Europe and these varieties branded ‘Taisuco’ have built a strong worldwide reputation.”
TSC also reminded that the secret of orchid growing is to control light, moisture, temperatures, and humidity, such as placing orchid seedlings in shaded places, watering them under morning sunlight but not to spray water on the leaves. Furthermore, the optimal temperatures for Phalaenopsis orchids are between 20 ˚C to 30˚C and do not leave them in high-humidity environments in order to grow healthy and gorgeous orchids.
TSC News Contact Person:
Li, Ming-Chang
Petroleum Business Division, TSC 
Contact Number: 886-6-632-8703 ext.101 / 886-963-653-399
Email: a61150@taisugar.com.tw

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