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President Tsai visits the DHF agricultural circulation park, affirming TSC incorporates CE concepts into pig husbandry

Complying with the 'circular economy (CE)' and 'new agriculture' policies in government's 5+2 innovative industries plan, TSC invests NT$680 million to reconstruct the old Dong Hai Feng pig farm into the new Dong Hai Feng agricultural circulation park in Pingtung County. President Tsai In-wen, accompanied by the Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Wang, Mei-hua, the Minister of Council of Agriculture, Chen, Chi-chung, and the Minister of Environmental Protection Administration, Chang, Tzi-chin, attended the opening ceremony and burned incense sticks to pray for the smooth operation of the park. President Tsai highly affirmed TSC leads the upgrading and advancement of domestic pig industry and even expected the company continuously to be a bellwether of promoting government policies, not merely laying the foundation of a cross-national pig-farming team, but also improving pork production and overall agriculture development.
"The old Dong Hai Feng pig farm had encountered various challenges, such as outdated equipment, low production efficiency, and pollution protests," said Mr. Chen, Chao-yih, the chairman of TSC. "However, in recent years TSC has complied with the government policies to invest NT$680 million in transforming the old pig farm into the brand new Dong Hai Feng agricultural circulation park." The park adopts  negative  pressure ventilation   systems to avoid the spread of notorious odors and also installs renewable energy equipment such as solar and biogas. This park represents an epoch-making development in domestic pig husbandry in which it performs multifaceted functions of resource recycling, environmental education, young farmer cooperation, and modern pig farming technology. The park has accepted the BS8001:2017 Circular Economy Certification and Circular Economy Sustainability Award issued by British Standard Institution (BSI), also the world's first pig farm embracing concepts of CE certified by BSI. With this park as a benchmark, TSC is going to further invest NT$10.7 billion to transform current traditional 16 pig farms into new ones which expands domestic construction business and also upgrades pig farming peripheral industries. In the future, TSC pig farms and neighborhood are able to coexist and seek the common good in a way of resource circulation to turn over a new leaf for the sustainability of swine production.
President Tsai and other guests first stayed in the exhibition center to listen how circular economy concepts are implemented in the park. Then through the viewing windows, they observed the pigs obtain space allowance on animal welfare in the pen performing multiple functions of technology, production efficiency, resource-recycling, and IoT-based environmental monitoring. Finally, in the biogas center, they recognized the potential contributions of biogas and organic fertilizers to the environment as well as witnessed how wastewater is recycled into pure and clear water through biological water treatment systems. President Tsai highly affirmed TSC complied with the government policies to build this demonstration park and she also encouraged TSC continue to keep up the good work on the pig farm reconstruction, not only promoting industrial upgrading and establishing the foundation of the cross-national pig-farming team, but also successfully marketing Taiwan's pork to the global market. 
"Dong Hai Feng agricultural circulation park is the most actual performance of the Taiwan's government circular economy policy," TSC emphasized, adding that once the park starts to operate, the domestic pig industry marks a new milestone. The park achieves the goal of zero waste, zero emission, and zero accident to peacefully coexist with the environment as well as strives towards a new vision of eco-friendly and sustainable pig husbandry. On the basis of experience of building this park, TSC will make more highlights of promoting industrial transformation as well as enhancing the global competitiveness of Taiwan's swine industry. 
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