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TSC charity run sign-up starts now! 'Run for Love' on Nov. 29 in Tainan

The annual TSC charity run comes again! On Nov. 29 the charity run will be launched in ShanHua sugar factory in Tainan. TSC invites everyone to "Run for Love" together. After a successful sign-up, the company will donate TSC products (the value equivalent to NT$50) to Yowming for each runner to support people with visual impairment. There are more premium gifts for runners registered successfully (registration website: https://reurl.cc/exrD0Q ). The availability is limited so sign up as soon as possible!
The press conference of "2020 TSC Run for Love" charity run is held today in Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan). Tainan Mayor Huang, Wei-cher, TSC chairman Chen, Chao-yih, president Wang, Kuo-his, vice president Ku, Hsiao-jou, the event ambassador Lin, Kevin, and Yowming jointly invite people who are concerned about charity and love road running to run for love on Nov. 29 in TSC ShanHua sugar factory. Besides road running, the runners can immerse themselves within the historical and cultural atmosphere of Tainan, enjoy vintage cityscapes, and taste world-renowned local foods as well.
"Last year the road run was first moved to and hosted in century-old ShanHua sugar factory and it has received rave reviews," TSC explained, adding that in order to let more people have chance to experience century-old sugar factory through their both feet, this year the charity run will be launched in ShanHua sugar factory again. Runners can choose to take part in a 21km, a 12km, or 4.5km. Through these running routes, athletes can feast their eyes with charming scenery of Zengwen River, run on green trails along the river embankment, and pass through playful and childlike Hucuoliao painted village. 
The routes have received critical acclaim among participants. Besides, the finisher souvenirs are very popular among runners as well. This year each runner can get a functional sweatshirt made from 100% recycled yarn and a NT$100 Decathlon coupon; moreover, according to different route choices, there are eco-friendly and foldable cups, sugar factory logo tote bags, towels, and washcloth which total up to a market value of NT$2000.
"According to the routes, registration fees are NT400, NT$600, and NT$800 respectively," TSC analyzed. "Therefore, each runner can obtain a finisher gift set which is worth up to five times the registration fee paid, a better deal than the Triple Stimulus Voucher." In addition, from Sept. 1 to Nov. 29, by showing participation certificates or payment receipts, runners can get exclusive discounts on Evergreen Plaza Hotel (Tainan). More information please visit the website or FB fans page of 2020 TSC Run for Love.
TSC News Contact Person:
Chang, Mu-Jung
Public Relations, Department of Secretariat, TSC 
Contact Number: 886-6-337-8819 / 886-920-636-951
Email: a63449@taisugar.com.tw

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