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Sugarcane Festival starting on Nov. 28, TSC invites public to Wandan for 'sweet' fun

In order to promote and pass down sugar cultural heritage, TSC cooperates with Pingtung Wandan Caifengshe to hold the 23th Wandan Sugarcane Festival on Nov. 28 and 29 in TSC Wandan Sugarcane Breeding Farm. Welcome to the festival together, have 'sweet' fun with us, and prepare yourself for an intellectual, emotional, relaxing, and interesting journey of exploring the culture of sugar industry.

"The festival has been held for 23 years and it is a well-known annual local event in Pingtung." TSC explains. This year TSC especially organized a sugar railway walking event and prepared 1,000 gift sets for participants. There are also some parent-child activities and games, such as sugarcane cutting, peeling, and roasting, scarecrow archery, and sketching competition, etc. Fresh sugarcane juice, TSC popsicles, TSC organic poprice, and hot TSC brown sugar ginger tea are available on site. The company also prepares a tour of sugarcane breeding process and actual demonstration. Through an edutaining way, people could know more about sugarcane and sugar industry.

"TSC Wandan Sugarcane Breeding Farm has been established for 87 years," TSC points out, "as Wandan Township possesses natural advantages of fertile soils, flat landscape, adequate sunlight, sufficient water supply, and warm winter, it has become the only base of sugarcane breeding in Taiwan." The farm has already housed over 1,000 domestic and abroad sugarcane germplasm accessions. Through hybridization methods, TSC has cultivated over 200 new sugarcane varieties, such as ROC10 and ROC16, and newly ROC28 and ROC29. Therefore, the farm has been called "the cradle of sugarcane breeding," and also becomes a learning field of culture heritage and environmental education.

"Sugarcane planting is inseparable from the local life and culture," TSC emphasized. This event reinforces community development through traditional folk performance, family games, and DIY activities. Seniors bring up past memories and younger generations immerse themselves in agriculture and rural lifestyle as a way to preserve and transmit local culture and sugar cultural heritage from generation to generation.

TSC Wandan Sugarcane Breeding Farm Address:

No. 363, Heping W. Rd., Wandan Township, Pingtung County

TSC News Contact Person:

Yu-Chi, Cui-Lian Sugar Business Division, TSC
Contact Number: 886-7-815-2590
Mobile: 886-935-731-879

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