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Vision & Mission


Revitalize Contributions to Economic and Social Development in Taiwan
Reconstruct the Warm Memories and Connections of Life in Taiwan


Collaborate with the central government’s policies and contribute to the development of the nation.
Invest in the prospective industries and establish a sustainable Taiwan where people enjoy living and working here.

Business Strategy

The goal of Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) is to realize the company’s vision to “Revitalize Contributions to Economic and Social Development in Taiwan” and “Reconstruct the warm memories and connections of life in Taiwan,” and become a high quality company with the best "social warmth and sustainable management." TSC will continue to focus on the core model of "promoting new agriculture and circulation models in Taiwan" to formulate a set of strategic business frameworks.

The objective is to clearly define the four strategic roles played by TSC: "Contributing to the nation by supporting its government policies," "meeting social connection expectations," "promoting upgrades via industrial cooperation," and "improving operational efficiency/performance."
TSC has further divided each strategic role into different categories based on the types and fields of the industries, and has eventually defined 14 strategic items. In the future, all of TSC's businesses and plans will be constructed one piece at a time under this strategic business framework.

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