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Production Facilities

The Breeding & Propagation Center is located in Tainan. With 4,760 square meters of greenhouse, it supplies flasks of seedlings and mericlones to other four nurseries in the company as well as other external clients.

The followings are four major seedling production nurseries in TSC. They produce more than 5 million healthy plants and 90% are sold to Japan, Canada, the United States, and Europe.
  • Wu-Shu-Lin Nursery
  • Nan-Jing Nursery
  • Da-Lin Nursery
  • Tai-Tung Nursery
Pu-Li Forcing Flower Nursery is located in central Taiwan and is 600 meters above sea level. With 9,000 square meters of greenhouse, it produces finished Phalaenopsis pot flowers for domestic market.
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  • Ez-Lohas Reservation Center
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