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Privacy Policy

You are welcome to visit TSC's global information website network (hereafter "the Website"). The Website is committed to fully respect and protect your security and privacy when you use the Internet. To help you understand more about how the Website collects, uses, and protects the personal information you provided, please read the following information in detail.

About the Scope of Application

The privacy policy of this Website applies to the personal information collection, as well as the utilization and protection involved when you use TSC's global information network, but does not apply to other sites linked to this Website, which have their own privacy and information security global information network policies that this Website is not responsible for. When you link to these other sites, the privacy policies regarding to personal information protection of each site shall apply.

About the Personal Information Collection Policy

This Website will not collect any personal information when you simply browse and download files.
When you use the various services provided by this Website that require the applicant to provide personal information, the Website would ask you to provide you name, national ID number, contact telephone number, email address or mail address, and other correct and authentic personal information. If you provide any wrong or false information, the Website is entitled to decline all or part of its services to you.
This website will record the IP address of the user's station, the time online, and the web pages visited in the Website. This information is provided to the Global Website Management Unit of TSC for the full internal Website traffic volume analysis and Internet behavior surveys. The goal is to improve the service quality of the Website and not conduct an individual analysis of the users.
To provide good interactive services, the Website will write and read cookies to your browser according to the principles outlined in this policy. The Website will not use cookies to record any private personal information or read and write any cookies written by other sites.

About the Policy on Sharing Information with Third Parties

This website will not arbitrarily sell, exchange, or lease any of your personal information to other groups, individuals, or private enterprises. However, the Website may handle your personal information pursuant to relevant laws and regulations under the following conditions:
(1) The Website shall adopt possible mandatory compliance measures by collaborating with legal investigations conducted by the judiciary branch or as required by the relevant authorities for investigation or utilization.
(2) When a person's actions in this Website may damage or interfere with the rights of other users of this Website or relevant third parties. If this Website has reasons to believe that the disclosure of personal information is required for the identification, communication, or legal actions against a certain user, the Website may disclose said user's personal information.

About the Personal Information Revision Policy

This Website is obligated to protect the privacy of applicants, and shall not modify or delete any personal data or files without your personal consent unless under one of the following situations.
(1) By legal means.
(2) To protect or defend the relevant rights of individuals.

About the Website Promotional Information or Email Transmission Policy

The Website will obtain consent from you before sending promotional information or email from this Website to you. The Website shall provide a method, description, or functional link for you to stop receiving this information or emails in said information or email.
Besides distributing promotional information of this Website, the Website will not use the obtained personal information to disseminate commercial data.
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