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Breeding program

Taiwan Sugar owns over 20 native species and 500 superior varieties/lines for breeding purposes. More than 200 crosses are made every year. Seedlings from selected crosses are not only evaluated in our nurseries in Taiwan, but also evaluated in our nurseries overseas. We have a virus-free greenhouse which provides warm and cool climate so that crossings can be made all year round.

Parent plants are screened with bio-chips for virus on a regular basis to ensure all seedlings are virus free. 
Mericlone mass production
Around 4 million mericlone plants are produced each year. Our mericlones are propagated with shoot-by-shoot tissue culture. 
Virus-free seedling
We use a very strict method to guarantee our mericlone plants are virus-free. Chosen plants have to pass the virus screen before they are put into the production pipeline. More virus screens are conducted from mother flask to the last stage flask. These are to ensure every mericlone Phalaenopsis from TSC is virus-free. 

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