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Thank you for contacting us on this Website. Your message will be handled in accordance with the following company guidelines. Please read carefully.

  1. If your message contains matters that can be immediately resolved by our customer service staff, we shall serve you or reply to you as soon as possible.
  2. Should your message require a reply from various operation units, your message will be directly transferred to the operation units in charge. The average case process time is 72 hours. Please understand that the process time may exceed 72 hours if it is a complex case or a case that demands time for verification.

Note: Should you have further queries regarding how to use and fill in the Customer Service Mailbox, please call the TSC’s Customer Service Hotline on 0800-026-168.

TSC Customer Service is managed by Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC). To ensure the protection of the customers’ personal information, privacy and consumer rights, the consumers’ personal information will be used during the process of our service. The information below is notified in line with Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  1. Collection Purposes & Methods
    The Company’s collection purpose is to conduct statistic investigation and analysis as part of our customer service management. The collection method is to gather personal information that our customers fill in on TSC’s website.
  2. Classification of the Personal Information Collected
    Personal information collected on our company service website include:
    1. C001 personal identification: e.g. consumer’s name, telephone, email address and so on.
  3. Period, Region, Objects and Methods of Using the Personal Information:
    1. Period: during the company operation period
    2. Region: customers’ personal information is to be used in Taiwan.
    3. Objects and Methods: Collection of consumers’ personal information is intended for searching, querying, replying and other similar functions within the scope of our customer management.
  4. Customers’ rights to personal information
    Customers who provide the personal information to our company service website are lawfully entitled by the Act to exercise the following rights:
    1. Enquire on or request reading.
    2. Request copies.
    3. Request supplements or amendments.
    4. Request the cease of collection, handling or using.
    5. Request deletion.
Consumers can reach the TSC Customer Service Hotline on 0800-026-168 or leave a message in our Customer Service Mailbox to proceed with the matter.
Announcement of Fraud Prevention

Announcement of Fraud Prevention:

  • We will not notify you to provide your credit card account number, personal and bank-related information by phone call, text message or email, and will not require you to operate ATM, over-the-counter or online banking for remittance.
  • If you receive a suspicious and unfamiliar phone call, please do not believe it. If you have any doubts or concerns, please call the 165 fraud prevention hotline, or call the company’s customer service hotline at 0800-026-168 to contact us.
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