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Black Guanyin Statue


In 1902, in order to sooth Japanese technicians who were far away from home and to draw the integrity of Taiwanese farmers on the Japanese sugar corporation, President Suzuki asked people he knew to collect old copper mirrors from China and erected this statue of Guanyin in front of the Qiaotou Sugar Factory office building. Its elegant appearance was imitated from the Sho-Kannon statue in Yakushiji Temple, Nara and has great artistic value.

This Guanyin statue was erected slightly towards the north and faced directly into the sites of the sugar factory, meaning that it not only gives blessing to the houses (office building), but also protects the workers with safety and success. After research, it was discovered that this Guanyin statue was made with the same artistic style of the Sho-Kannon statue of Yakushiji Temple, Nara (which was made in around 720), making it one of the masterpieces in the history of Japan’s Buddhist statue works.

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