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Our Business

Sugar Business

TSC is the leading domestic sugar producer, currently processes approximately 500 thousand tons of sugar cane each year, and can supply approximately 40-50 thousand tons of sugar. To meet domestic market demands, TSC also imports raw sugar for refinement at the Xiaogang plant in Kaohsiung City with an annual sugar production capacity of approximately 300 thousand tons.

Livestock Business

TSC has started to raise livestock since 1953 and has collaborated with the government's efforts to stabilize pork prices, manage the pig population, and adjust the supply and demand of pigs in order to enable the pig raising businesses and their related industries to flourish. TSC has vertically integrated its feed production, pig farming, meat processing, and sales channels to form a healthy and safe meat supply system that covers each aspects from upstream to downstream of this supply chain. Its consistent and rigorous quality control efforts ranks number 1 in the nation.

TSC has practiced the sustainable management of livestock operations under the advanced "eugenics breeding, enterprise farming, scientific immunization, park environmental protection, and humanistic care" principles. It currently operates 17 pig farms that have passed the production resume certifications issued by the Council of Agriculture; the annual production of pig count reaches approximately 270 thousand – all are chemical residue-free.

Agriculture Business

TSC has been developing its exquisite floral agriculture business since 1987, which is primarily based on the sales of Phalaenopsis. Its proprietary breeding R&D, seedling reproduction, orchid cultivation, and flower marketing operations cover the upstream, midstream, and downstream operation of the industry. The businesses include domestic and foreign branch operations, and the orchids are sold to the international markets under the "Taisuco" brand.


TSC has responded to the advent of an aging society and fashionable trends based on its existing sugar fermentation technologies as a foundation to actively invest into the R&D and marketing of biotechnology products such as healthy foods, functional drinks, beauty products, alcohol, and OEM products.

"TSC Biotechnology" has received the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Audit System verifications as well as the HACCP, TOSHMS, TQF, Cosmetics GMP, and other health food certifications. It has spared no effort in improving product quality, ensuring food safety, and safeguarding consumers' health and rights.

Product Marketing

TSC provides quality products and distribution channel management, and has created a robust and effective commodity circulation platform for manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. Its main sales products include sugar, cooking oil, pork products, biotech health food products, bulk grains, and import/OEM products (brewing, beverage, canned food, and health conditioning categories).

TSC has also actively developed foreign channels and sold TSC products to the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, and others; it has gradually explored other new markets in a prudent manner as well.

Leisure Business

TSC's leisure recreation businesses are primarily based on accommodations and catering, cultural leisure, as well as the sports and health industries. By combining its historic sites and cultural landscape resources, TSC has organized leisure and recreation bases and managed tourism hotels, inns, resorts, sightseeing sugar mills, and golf courses in order to comprehensively link the recreational leisure business network and construct a comprehensive "customer demand oriented" leisure and recreation business system with diversified facilities that provide five major functions (leisure, sports, health, conference, and knowledge) as well as a wide variety of other customer services.

Petroleum Business

TSC opened its first gas station (Taitung Zhongxing Station) in 1997 as its first foray into the gas station business. It has accumulated many years of development experience and currently owns a total of 73 TSC gas stations that provide gasoline, diesel, lubricant, car wash, and other services.

Recently, TSC has also introduced Gogoro electric scooter battery exchange stations, added solar photovoltaic equipment, and invested in the carbon reduction and green energy businesses in order to promote a low-carbon lifestyle and the circulation economy model. In addition, TSC has also partnered with public welfare groups to establish public welfare platforms that can handle various public welfare activities, provide physical help to the disadvantaged, and turn the TSC gas stations into warm and friendly gas stations in order to showcase its unique corporate culture.

Organic and Safe Agriculture

TSC is involved in farming operations and has rich land resources. It has invested into organic rice cultivation and promoted organic operations as early as 2000, and started to recycle sugar production by-products by turning them into bagasse organic composts that can improve soil and enhance soil fertility. The scope of TSC's organic businesses covers  two  major categories: organic rice and fertilizers. TSC produces strictly selected non-genetically modified soybeans that have passed pesticide residue detection tests, and its products are produced domestically to ensure freshness and preservation of their nutritional value. TSC provides fresh, high quality and safe organic products that are healthy and worry-free for its consumers.

Logistics Business

    Since Taiwan Sugar Corp. (TSC) stationed in Kaohsiung Chenggong Logistics Park in 2017, it has made an all-out effort to operate and attract investment. Taking "Logistics, Property, Parking lot and Solar photovoltaic" as the main development axis, TSC has invested in the real estate development market. The development goal has moved towards "two major centers and multiple parks", and the business bases have gradually spread all over the country.

    TSC grasps the global trend of high demand for logistics and warehousing. Taking the "Kaohsiung Chenggong Logistics Park" as the starting point to expand the scale of operation: (1) ParkⅠcooperates with manufacturers to restore automatic warehouse (15,000 storage spaces can be provided), and to drive the automation upgrading of the logistics industry. It is expected to start operation at the end of 2022; Park Ⅱ follows the 5G AIot policy from Kaohsiung City government in the medium term and in the long term, and cooperates with high value-added industry to promote transform Kaohsiung Chenggong Logistics Park into a modern comprehensive logistics park. (2)"Taiwan Sugar Kaohsiung Zhong'an Logistics Park" (14.78 hectares) located on the north side of Kaohsiung International Airport will be built into a modern logistics center with warehouses equipped with multi-temperature storage control, automation, and intelligent management, and thus become an important logistics hub. It's estimated 2.59 billion annual output value, and creates 890 employment opportunities. In addition, it's expected to drive up high-value transformation of industries in Kaohsiung and develops the surrounding services in 2026. (3) In the future, the successful case will be replicated in other regions (such as Taichung Logistics Park), moving towards a "Logistics business operation center" and making contribution to activating company’s assets.

Parking Lot Business

    In order to solve the parking problem in the metropolitan area, increase operating revenue, and simultaneously save the land taxes, TSC constantly thinks about how to make parking "easy and convenient ". So far, we have 3 large-vehicle parking lots ("Kaohsiung Large-vehicle Parking Lot", "Zhongan Large-vehicle Parking Lot", “Mingjheng Large-vehicle Parking Lot",) and 4 small-vehicle parking lots ("Taipei Wanhua Lyuti Parking Lot", "Chiayi Taibao Parking Lot", "Tainan Wudong Parking Lot", "Kaohsiung Fengshan Dinghong Parking Lot"). With the awakening of consumer awareness, we offer modern technology services such as payment machines, license plate recognition, and charging piles for electric vehicle, to improve service quality.

    TSC aggressively develops new parking lots. We will continue to investigate and understand the existing land’s conditions in the urban area, surrounding commercial activities, parking conditions of private parking lots, and conduct assessments on the expansion of parking lots. TSC expands the scale of operations so as to move towards a "Parking lot operation center".

Biogas Utilization

TSC has collaborated with the central government to promote its new vision of "Happy Farmer, Safe Agriculture, and Prosperous Farming Village" by striving to transform the livestock industry and green energy technology. In November 2016, TSC established a dedicated biogas utilization department in collaboration with the government in order to promote renewable energy development based on the circulation economy principle. The goal was to inventory the existing agricultural biomass waste (including pig manure) and transform them into viable energy generation options. TSC was also able to use every product from the biogas production process and make full use of its resources in order to achieve a symbiotic and sustainable relationship between environment and industry.

Solar Energy

TSC has collaborated with the government's 2025 Non-nuclear Homeland Policy to actively promote investment in solar photovoltaic facilities. The plan can help the government's green energy policy to achieve its carbon reduction and energy conservation goals while activating the company's land resources and increasing the company's revenue and surplus.

Property Management

TSC owns about 50 thousand hectares of land and 130 thousand assets of equipment. It has made great efforts to implement management innovations; revise the internal control system according to the changes in the domestic business environment in a timely fashion; rewrite computer system, land management system, and land lease management systems in order to strengthen its deed and lease management.

TSC has also introduced modern technologies and constructed a geographic information system (GIS) to improve land management and asset utilization. In the future, TSC will continue to plan overall land utilization efforts, activate idle assets in a diversified manner, and collaborate with the government's land resource requirement policies in order to drive local prosperity and increase the value of its land assets.

Land Development

TSC has effectively used its land resources to create a high quality living and industrial environment in Taiwan.

TSC has invested in proprietary housing construction since 1986 and engaged in a variety of development methods such as co-construction, self-construction, land rights setup, and cooperative development. It has combined public and private resources to develop construction, land development, plant planning, academy operations, engineering, mining, as well as the preservation and reuse of cultural assets. It has carefully selected appropriate proprietary investment or cooperation development projects, and incorporated the circular economy principle to achieve a sustainable living environment.

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