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Core Technology R&D

In response to the industrial changes and the company's strategic planning, TSC has set up its own research institute and the core technologies are as follows:

Taiwan Sugar Research Institute (TSRI)

TSRI is a think tank of TSC which focuses on future industrial and long-term corporate strategy development. It also assists in industrial analysis, product development, and process optimization to meet the needs of the business units of TSC.

In recent years, the R&D has focused on the fields of "circular economy" and "new agriculture." The topics of "circular economy" include substitution of moss from resource materials, utilization of agricultural waste, optimization of the biogas fermentation process, utilization of whole pigs as well as whole sugarcane, and feed enzyme development, etc.; the topics of "new agriculture" include organic fertilizer, soil fertility, and value-added cultivation technology, etc.

Based on the existing core technologies, such as emerging crops, soil and nutrition management, pest control, tissue cultivation, smart agriculture, circular agriculture, microbial fermentation, genetic engineering, protein purification, strain screening, cultivation, long-term preservation, seed granulation, extraction of functional components from animal and plant tissues, prevention and control of animal diseases, utilization of agricultural and livestock waste, and biomass energy, R&D projects are developed by referring the latest market and industry reports and databases and analyzing related technical status. At the same time, customer response or market exploration are also considered to develop market-oriented research plans.

TSRI pays attention to IP management, strengthens patent layout, patent retrieval and analysis, predicts technology development trend and industrial ecology, and strengthens its competitive status.

TSRI emphasizes on talent cultivation, utilizes research resources, education and training, and cooperates with the outside organizations to cultivate and attract professional R&D personnel.

Sugar Laboratory

This laboratory is responsible for the research tasks of sugar-related quality analysis, food safety, new product development, and process improvement. Its Wandan Sugarcane Breeding Farm (Located in Wandan Township, Pingtung County) is also responsible for the conservation of sugarcane seeds, hybridization and new variety breeding, so as to ensure the optimization of sugarcane varieties and quality, the optimization of sugar production process, and the stability of raw material supply quality.

In recent years, the concept of circular economy to the sugar industry has been actively adopted by this sugar laboratory. Through material flow inventory, the resources in the production process are inspected, and through the process and product redesign, the value-added recycling of the byproducts and waste resources is realized; in addition, the process energy consumption and sewage discharge are effectively reduced, so as to achieve the value-added recycling requirements of reduction at source, green process, and green design. The relevant research and development achievements are gradually implemented into the production process sugar factories.

Biotech R&D Division

The core facilities of this laboratory include fermentation, extraction, biotransformation, spray drying, freeze drying and ingot beating, capsule filling, packaging of film coating, cosmetics blending and related precision analysis, as well as pilot equipment to provide relevant parameters as reference for scale-up tests and mass production. It has been certified by GMP, ISO, and TAF.

This laboratory masters the core technologies of fermentation, extraction, biotransformation, drying, preparation and deodorization, and applies them to products, so as to form differentiated advantages from competitors.

R&D of Orchid Breeding and Production Technology

This laboratory has rich resources in phalaenopsis and commercial species with their rights obtained, core manpower for excellent production technology, whole-year selection ability, a breeding and flowering greenhouse, and a tissue-culturing clean room with a capacity of 100 sterile operating platforms.

This laboratory has an automatic environmental control greenhouse for testing flowering characteristics of phalaenopsis under different environments, and an automatic environmental control cultivation greenhouse which has passed the media verification of the United States, Canada and South Korea.
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