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United Nations SDGs Practice

Understand the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs of the United Nations have focused sustainable development issues worldwide and defined 17 Goals and 169 Targets to serve as the long-term objectives and sustainable development missions of governments, private enterprises, and non-profit organizations worldwide.
Enterprises must give due diligence to the United Nations SDGs and fulfill their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) under the SDG framework, which should serve as the highest guiding principle of sustainable development for the next 15 years. The United Nations SDGs provide an opportunity for TSC to define itself and contribute to the global sustainability agenda while clearly expressing its macroeconomic goals.

TSC's Commitments and Practices

Taiwan Sugar corporation is deeply cultivated and sustainable development, comprehensively promotes economic growth, social equality and progress, and environmental protection. It identifies the targets that are reflected in the SDGs in the main 10 business strategy issues, and takes corresponding actions against these targets, allowing the company to a comprehensive competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment.

For details on the sustainable development of Taiwan Sugar Company, please visit the Sustainable Development website:
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