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About Us

Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) was founded in 1946 and is the leading brand of sugar production and sales in Taiwan.
During its early days, TSC focused primarily on the production and sales of sugar and sugar byproducts. In recent years, TSC has actively promoted diversification and transformation to establish several business divisions: Sugar, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Petroleum, Livestock, Leisure, and Marketing Business Divisions. TSC has gradually transformed from the "Sugar Based Production and Sales Business" of the traditional agriculture processing industry into a diversified and comprehensive business entity that covers the agricultural, industrial, and commercial industries. Currently, TSC has also incorporated the circular economy business concept to develop innovative items such as new agriculture, pig farming modernization, cultural and leisure tourism, green energy, resource recycling (biogas energy and biomass material), and sugar industry related crafts and innovative products.

TSC's Positioning

TSC is a time-honored, state-owned enterprise in Taiwan. Its products and services have reached all corners of Taiwan to make TSC the most trusted and well-known sugar brand. As a state-owned enterprise, TSC has made full use of its R&D and resource advantages to promote environmental circulation recycling and improve social welfare, in addition to fulfilling its basic corporate responsibilities by collaborating with its notional policies and looking after peoples’ livelihoods.

TSC has adhered to the concept of sustainable management, and won the respect and affinity of society. In addition to leading the corporate culture in innovation, TSC has also connected and interacted with society to develop industrial cooperation, optimize performance, and become the paradigm for "promoting a new agriculture and circulation environment in Taiwan."

Contact Us

Add: No. 68, Shengchan Road, East District, Tainan City, 701036
Tel: 886-6-3378888
Fax: 886-6-3378500
Email: tsc01@taisugar.com.tw
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