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Zhongshan Hall


During the second half of the Japanese Colonial Era, the Japanese Government implemented the Japanization Movement to aggressively Japanize Taiwanese people. As it promoted religious reformation, Japanese rulers started to build Japanese shrines around Taiwan with the purpose of wanting Taiwanese people to abandon their original religion.

Shrines enshrined the Japanese god of Amaterasu and emphasized loyalty to the Japanese emperor. The “Japanization Movement” spurred the establishment a shrine of Kio-a-thau Sugar Refinery on November 5, 1931.The shrine was located at present day Zhongshan Hall. The shrine was built on top of a 5-step stair and was a wooden building of mediocre size. The tablet of Amaterasu was enshrined inside the shrine with stone lanterns surrounding the shrine.

The Nationalist Government later rebuilt it into Zhongshan Hall.Rumor has it that the tablet was hidden in the warehouse of Fude Temple and only 2 smiling stone lions are what remain of the shrine.

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