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Environmental education of Qiaotou Sugar Industry Cultural Area


Qiaotou Sugar Industry Cultural Area was formerly known as Kio-a-thau Sugar Refinery. It was built by the Japanese in 1901 and was the first modernized sugar factory of Taiwan. It was the first sugar factory that introduced modernized machinery squeezing and manufacturing using animal power. It was also the leader of Taiwan marching towards industrialization.

It is abundant with cultural resources such as sugar manufacturing facilities, buildings, landscape and history, witnessing the rise and fall of Taiwan’s sugar manufacturing industry.

Taiwan Sugar Corp. made this place a museum for sugar industry in 2006 and carried out educational facility and venue recognition in 2016. Finally, it received the recognition as an environmental education facility and venue on July 3, 2018. (107 Huan-shu-xun-zheng-zi no. 107001) Core courses of this place are sugar factory heritage and sugar manufacturing culture.

Related courses targeting elementary school students, middle school students, high school students, common visitors and people of all ages were designed, enabling pupils to further understand the sugar manufacturing industry and its unique historical context and trigger their attention on heritage and culture preservation, thus enhancing their care on their surrounding environment.

Courses here can be customized and adjusted due to demand. Pupils are charged NT$100 per person and 15 pupils are required for a class. If pupils are less than 15 people, it will be counted as 15 people.

Business Information

Tel: +886-7-6119299 ext. 386, Mr. Chen
Address: No. 24, Tangchang Rd., Qiaotou Dist., Kaohsiung City 825405, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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