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2019 Corporate Sustainable Development Video

2019 Corporate Sustainable Development Video-Caring for the Society, Practicing TaiSugar with Temperature Taiwan Sugar Corporation has been closely interacting with the development of the national society for a long time. We continue to practice corporate social responsibility and take the mission of "building a sustainable and recyclable Taiwan". Whether it is economic, environmental or social, TaiSugar This effort has been generally recognized by the general public, and has won the CSR World Citizenship Award and the Sustainable Development Award for 4 consecutive years. This time, we specifically recorded the interaction between the company and the community and shared with you. The laughter and satisfaction of the people has given us great support and encouragement. We will continue this enthusiasm and inherit it. We also hope that through the exposure of this record, we will get everyone's support and resonance to drive the opposition The power of social care.
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