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Asian Pig Veterinary Society Holds Annual Congress in Taiwan for the First Time, Taisugar Demonstrates Cutting-Edge Capabilities in Livestock-Electricity Symbiosis and Circular Pig Farming

Taiwan Sugar Corporation's circular pig farming practices have successfully aligned with international standards and received widespread recognition. This year, the Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar) was invited to participate in the 10th Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress (APVS 2023). From July 30th to August 2nd, Taisugar showcased its pig farming capabilities, highlighting the achievements of the TSC Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circulation Park. Taisugar also engaged in exchanges with various countries in key fields such as swine diseases, health management, biosecurity, feed nutrition, and animal welfare. This event showcased Taiwan's successful transformation and upgrade in pig farming as it actively progresses towards the goal of sustainable and net-zero practices.

APVS is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious and indicative conferences in the field of swine veterinary medicine. This year, Taisugar was invited by the organizer, the Taiwan Association of Swine Veterinarians, to set up a booth to show the concrete results of Taisugar's efforts to promote the upgrading and restructuring of the swine industry in recent years, which included the introduction of the concept of a circular economy, the circular recycling of wastes, the combination of renewable energy sources such as methane gas and photovoltaic power, and the establishment of the TSC Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circulation Park to foster exchanges and learn from each other as well as from experts from all over the world.

Actually, it is the first time that Taiwan successfully secured the hosting rights for the 10th edition of the conference (APVS 2023). The physical exhibition attracted more than 1,350 professionals including swine disease scholars, experts, veterinarians, and industry representatives from over 38 countries around the world. Additionally, 20 participants from various parts of the world joined the conference remotely through video conferencing, facilitating collaborative discussions on the severe challenges posed by swine diseases in Asia and globally. Through the sharing of experiences in preventing and controlling transnational epidemics, the event aimed to enhance the international visibility of Taiwan's pig farming and veterinary expertise, further solidifying the nation's academic standing in the field of veterinary medicine.

During the APVS 2023, Taisugar's booth also offered pork products for tasting, such as pork sticks, jerky, and popsicles, allowing participants to experience Taisugar's signature products and identify with the unique charm of the long-established brand. Furthermore, taking into account the import and export quarantine policies for pork products in different countries, APVS specially designated Taisugar's pork-free TSC Sweet Gift Box as a diplomatic gift. Taisugar stated that with the completion of all 13 renovated livestock facilities, Taiwan's livestock industry is ready to embrace transformational change, both in terms of infrastructure and expertise, it is well poised to achieve world-class standards.

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