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From Fish Scales to Collagen – For Health and Beauty, Taisugar Beauty Collagen Jelly Recognized with Prestigious Award for Excellence in Aquaculture Products

Building on the success of turning pig bile into shampoo and oyster shells into calcium carbonate, Taiwan Sugar Corporation's Biotechnology Business is once again showcasing its prowess. With exclusive technology, we've extracted 100% collagen protein essence from the once-discarded scales of the milkfish, crafting the innovative "Taisugar Beauty Collagen Jelly" as a beauty and health supplement. By turning unused scales into "gold," this breakthrough has garnered widespread recognition, winning the 2023 Haiyan Aquatic Products Award organized by the Ministry of Agriculture. During the award ceremony, Mr. Ling-Ming Sun, CEO of TSC Biotechnology Division, emphasized the company's commitment to the circular economy, transforming discarded materials into high-value products. This effort not only drives business sustainability but also contributes to waste reduction in our environment and a cleaner society, exemplifying our commitment to multifaceted sustainability and success.

TSC emphasized that it has always been a pioneer in promoting agricultural circular practices domestically. From fully utilizing by-products of sugar production to establishing green energy circular pig farms, in recent years, the company's efforts have extended to fisheries waste recycling, such as extracting calcium carbonate from reclaimed oyster shells for application in agriculture and industry. Last year, the company utilized locally sourced milkfish collagen protein to launch the "Taisugar Beauty Collagen Jelly" product, showcasing a series of fruitful achievements that have garnered greater attention from the public. In line with government policies and international zero-waste trends, TSC has integrated the principles of circular economy into its operational strategy, technological innovation, and product development. This strategic move has successfully set a new paradigm for waste recycling, added value, and industrial upgrading.

According to TSC, the "Taisugar Beauty Collagen Jelly" fully exemplifies the company's commitment to resource recycling, value addition, and reuse. Extracting 100% collagen protein essence from fish scales without adding a single drop of water in the process, and by utilizing the company's proprietary fish deodorization technique, any fishy smell is completely eliminated while retaining the nutritional components. This unique formula is then combined with the highly effective and precise NAG moisturizing factor (hyaluronic acid precursor), concentrated mixed berry concentrate, and Vitamin C. Derived from carefully selected and environmentally friendly fish scale sources, the product is free from heavy metals, plasticizers, and aflatoxins. Highly effective NAG molecules are small and easy for the body to absorb, with each packet containing more than 800mg of a variety of valuable essential ingredients. When consumed daily, it infuses the skin with the wellspring of vitality, injecting the essence of youth into your complexion.

The "Taisugar Beauty Collagen Jelly" takes the form of a jelly, exuding a delightful cranberry aroma. Each pack contains a mere 10.4 calories, offering a satisfying chewiness that's a joy to consume. It's convenient to enjoy-ready to eat, anytime, anywhere, with no burden on the body, and to be stored easily at room temperature. The jelly is infused with fish scale collagen protein and highly effective NAG, which aids in antioxidation and infusing youthful vitality. Skin becomes supple, radiant, and deeply hydrated. This product is suitable for those who want to maintain beauty, defy aging, and seniors alike. The product is available for sale at TSC Million convenience stores, TSC Ego888 website, Carrefour, RT-Mart, FamilyMart, Funcom Supermarket, and more.

"Haiyan Aquatic Products Award" is an award initiated by the Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, since 2010. Outstanding aquatic products are rigorously reviewed and selected by experts, scholars, and officials from industry. The award aims to propel domestically produced aquatic products towards high quality, added value, sophistication, style, and food safety.

TSC News Contact Person:
Cheng Wei-jen
Biotechnology Business Division, TSC
Contact Number: 886-5-264-9775 ext.102 / 886-935-587-119
Email: a63105@taisugar.com.tw

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