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Taisugar Recognized for Outstanding ESG Performance:Honored with Sustainability Awards for the 9th Consecutive Year

Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar) has long been committed to implementing its ESG Sustainability Action Strategy, receiving widespread acclaim for its efforts. Taisugar has been honored with the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) for the ninth consecutive year, and has also received the BSI Awards for seven consecutive years from the British Standards Institution. Taisugar pledges to continue practicing various ESG initiatives, aiming to contribute further to Taiwan's sustainable development. 

This year, Taisugar once again received the "TCSA Top 100 Taiwanese Sustainable Corporates Award," achieving the highest honor in the "Traditional Manufacturing Category 1 Platinum Award" for its ESG reporting. This aptly demonstrates Taisugar's superior execution in ESG practices and information disclosure, both surpassing industry standards. Taisugar President Li-Jen Chen attended the award ceremony today (Nov 15) to accept the prestigious recognition. The day before, Taisugar Vice President, Dong-Lin Tsai also accepted the BSI Award trophy presented by the British Standards Institution on behalf of the company.

In recent years, Taisugar's ESG efforts have resulted in remarkable achievements. This includes the successful entry of Taisugar's brewed beverages into the Japanese market, where it competed and received the "Excellence Award," the sole foreign brand to achieve this accolade. Taisugar's Oyster Shell Bio-material Plant achieved the highest level in the fourth tier BS 8001 Circular Economy audit. The Dong Hai Feng Livestock Circular Park was honored with the "Taiwan Circular Economy Award for Innovative Service Model." Additionally, the Shalun Smart Green Energy Circular Residence has received five awards related to architectural landscapes, including the "Golden Pin Design Award – Best Design of the Year."

Furthermore, Taisugar has also made major progress in carbon reduction. The Xiaogang Plant was awarded the "Product Carbon Footprint Reduction Label Certification" in 2021. Last year, the packaging for salad oil and shortening oil was introduced with a "Carbon Reduction Label." In July of this year, Taisugar's factory boilers were fully transitioned to natural gas, replacing the previous low-sulfur fuel oil. This carbon reduction initiative received Silver Prize during the "2023 TSAA Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards ." In terms of environmental conservation and ecology, including Taisugar's sugar factories, Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, and Dong Hai Feng Livestock Circular Park, Taisugar has acquired environmental education site certifications for five business locations. The product " Mackerel Canned Fish" also obtained the "Ocean Heart Ecolabel" (HEART) certification.

According to Taisugar, to address the broader issue of climate change, apart from formally implementing TCFD climate-related financial disclosures last year, the company also signed on to become a TCFD supporter in August of this year. This action underscores its commitment to assuming responsibility in environmental sustainability. Taisugar remains committed to envisioning sustainable development, implementing various ESG initiatives through innovative technologies and business models, aiming to make a greater contribution to Taiwan's sustainable development. 

Chang Mu-jung
Public Relations, Department of Secretariat, TSC 
Contact Number:886-6-337-8819 / 886-920-636-951

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