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Taisugar Actively Committed to Preservation of Cultural Heritage Awarded Gold in the Arts and Business Awards for the 2nd Consecutive Year

Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar) has spared no efforts in cultural heritage preservation undertakings. For two consecutive years, it has been honored with the "Permanent Exhibition – Gold" in the Arts & Business Awards organized by the Ministry of Culture. Taisugar President, Mr. Chen Li-Jen represented the company in receiving the awards today (Nov 16th). Taisugar remains committed to deeply cultivating the preservation, revitalization, and inheritance of cultural assets to promote the legacy of the sugar industry's culture.

Taisugar's efforts in preserving and promoting cultural heritage were first recognized at the 14th Arts & Business Awards. At that time, Taisugar received the "Permanent Exhibition – Bronze" for its "2018 Sugar Industry Cultural Festival" promotional event. In the following edition, the company's sponsorship of 21 projects, including the restoration of historical sites such as the Yuemei Sugar Factory and the Huwei Sugar Factory, propelled it to win the Gold. This year, Taisugar once again excelled during the 16th Arts & Business Awards, securing the "Gold Award" for six projects, including the restoration of the Tainan City Designated Historical Site - the original office of the Yanshui Port Sugar Refinery Cooperative, the reutilization of the Xinying Sugar Factory's plastic factory office and historical building for employee canteens, the preservation and restoration of the cultural landscape at the Qiaozaitou Sugar Refinery, and initiatives in maintenance, restoration, and educational promotion at the Qishan Agri Park.

According to Taisugar, 56 cultural assets are under the company's active management across various locations including Keelung, Taipei, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Hualien, and Taitung. The company has been consistently investing substantial funds and resources in the preservation, maintenance, and restoration of these cultural properties. Moving forward, Taisugar aims to deepen its commitment to preserving, revitalizing, and passing on the legacy of the sugar industry's culture. Additionally, the company plans to progressively facilitate the certification of sugar factories as environmental education facilities, integrating sugar industry knowledge into guided tours, experiential courses, and educational programs to enhance the educational aspect of cultural heritage preservation. Furthermore, the company intends to sponsor related arts and cultural events, contributing to the vibrant growth of Taiwan's arts and cultural sectors.

Chang Mu-jung
Public Relations, Department of Secretariat, TSC 
Contact Number:886-6-337-8819 / 886-920-636-951

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