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Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, SO GREEN:Honored with Bronze Level Recognition at the National Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards

Taiwan Sugar Corporation's Jianshanpi Resort actively promotes a green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly approach to tourism. Not only has it received certifications as an environmental education facility and a Bronze-level Eco-Friendly Hotel, but this year, it has also been recognized with the “Bronze Award” in the prestigious National Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards, symbolizing the highest environmental honor for businesses nationwide. Taisugar remains committed to developing tourism and hospitality models that inject positive value to the environment and society.

The Jianshanpi Resort has been awarded the “Bronze Award” in the 5th land and had the honor of meeting President Tsai. On November 21, Vice President Huang Chin-liang of Taisugar attended the awarding ceremony, accepting the recognition on behalf of the company. In the afternoon, the awardees visited the Presidential Office to meet President Tsai Ing-wen, joining other representatives of awarded enterprises to receive encouragement from the President and take commemorative photos.

Taisugar pointed out that the Jianshanpi Resort, rooted in the pristine natural surroundings, set the overarching goal of “Guarding the Shallow Mountains.” In 2015, the “Jianshanpi Environmental Learning Center” was established, offering environmental education courses, night ecological observations, and thematic learning activities. They actively promote actions to “mountain, water, and cultural preservation,” aiming to integrate leisure and recreation with environmental sustainability. In 2017, the resort obtained certification as an environmental education facility, transforming it into a learning space with multiple functions such as education, conservation, culture, and recreation.

Furthermore, the Jianshanpi Resort has put into practice the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept of “Circular Taisugar, Friendly Taiwan,” consistently promoting eco-friendly accommodation, Leave No Trace conferences, ecological tourism, and local low-carbon dining. In 2020, the resort became the second lodging establishment in Tainan City to acquire an eco-friendly label certification. Taisuar stressed that the Jianshanpi Resort not only boasts of stunning natural landscapes and comprehensive park facilities but also upholds a spirit of environmental stewardship. The resort will continuously strive to become Taiwan's most environmentally friendly holiday destination and sincerely welcome visitors from all walks of life to relax and experience the genuine and hospitable service the resort is renowned for.

Chen Chi-Sheng
Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, TSC 
Contact Number:886-6-623-3888 EXT5700

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