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TSC celebrates Children's Day at Jianshanpi, for children and instgrammers learning integrity under pink shower trees


Four-day tomb-sweeping holiday is around the corner. From April 3 to 5, TSC Ethics Department is launching "Learning about integrity hand in hand" during pink shower trees in full bloom at TSC Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort. Through various scavenger hunt games and hand puppet shows (as known as Budaixi), TSC not only invites family to learn about integrity but also enhances honesty, self-discipline, and social integrity.

TSC "Learning about integrity hand in hand" activity starts from 3rd to 5th April at Jiangnan Resort. There are game booths on site, offering activities such as integrity rubbings, ancient pinball games, integrity magic cubes, and integrity messengers, etc. Through making rubbings, playing pinball, solving magic cubes, and drawing postcards activities, children better understand and grasp concepts of integrity. In addition, TSC is also setting up an outdoor Budaixi stage under pink shower trees to perform two integrity and anti-corruption videos and to enhance core values of honesty and self-discipline.

"We embrace concepts of integrity management," TSC Ethics Department points out. "We are also dedicated to anti-corruption public campaigns to grow children's integrity and responsibility and to carry out the goal of social care." Now is the time of 70% of pink shower trees in full bloom at the resort. The resort is currently filled with pink flowers and turns into a perfect photo spot for instgrammers. Come over and enjoy the games to grow children's honesty and integrity characters. 

Additionally, the resort is conducting a sketching contest during the holiday. Parents can bring their children to view flowers and draw scenery in the resort campus. Children enjoy free entrance if they are registered online beforehand, and accompanying elders (up to 3) can also enjoy preferential entrance fee of NT$100. During the blossom season of pink shower trees, 4 people can get half price admission if they wear pink for this flower season; cosplayers even enjoy free admission. Come over and view romantic pink flower trees at Jiangnan Resort.

TSC News Contact Person:

Chen, Tien-Lu

Department of Ethics, TSC

Contact Number: 886-6-337-8690 / 886-933-368-879

Email: a01568@taisugar.com.tw

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