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With the cooperation of England and Taiwan technicians, Dougal steam locomotive is ready to light up again in 2018 Sugar Cultural Festival

‘2018 Sugar Cultural Festival’ will take place from December 7th this year. Except the traditional celebration of production, Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) also hold international forum on sugar railways, international railway cultural exchange and carnival this year. The special part in carnival this time is the 72-year-old steam locomotive, Dougal, from England. With the cooperation of England and Taiwan steam locomotive technicians, Dougal will restart and whistle with the steam locomotive of Taiwan sugar railways on December 8th to reappear the glory of railways.

Unlike the sugar cultural festival before, TSC is active to show the multiple sugar culture of Taiwan to all over the world. First of all, the ‘International Forum on Sugar Railways and Locomotives’ will take place at Suantou Sugar Factory in Chiayi. TSC has invited the experts of sugar railways and locomotives from England, France and Japan to share the operating and future works of narrow gauge railways. TSC hopes to come up with more creative ideas to carry forward the narrow gauge railways by learning the features and advantage of operation in different countries. The international forum is open for people who are interested in this issue. The registration website is https://reurl.cc/mv331.

After the international forum, there will be ‘Taiwan & British Railway Culture Exchange and Carnival’ from December 8th to 9th. TSC is going to sign the sister railway with Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway (W&LLR) on December 8th. Also, with the hard-working of England and Taiwan technicians, Dougal, a locomotive from England, is ready to travel again after it retired five years ago. Dougal will restart and whistle with Diema locomotive and no. 650 steam locomotive on December 8th morning. TSC will also arrange the demonstration of sugar railway carriage, gourmet dining truck with special recommendation of Scone and cultural and creative market. With the music and amazing activities, this exotic culture carnival is suitable for everyone to join and have fun.

The finale of Sugar Cultural Festival is ‘Celebration of Sugar Production’ which will take place from December 15th to 16th in Huwei Sugar Factory. There will be a series of program, including exhibition of sugar culture, free guided tour in sugar factory, alcohol tank and sugar museum. Moreover, sugar DIY experience and interesting activities of sugar culture all wait for visitors.

TSC warmly welcome people to join 2018 Sugar Cultural Festival. Hoping everyone can learn more history of sugar though the amazing program, activities, music and market in the Sugar Cultural Festival. All in all, TSC anticipate reaching the goal of arousing the sugar memory once in the mind of Taiwanese.

2018 sugar cultural festival:
‧ December 7th International Forum on Sugar Railways and Locomotives
Venue:Suantou Sugar Factory, Chiayi
Registration website:https://reurl.cc/mv331

‧ December 8th to 9th Taiwan & British Railway Culture Exchange and Carnival
Venue:Suantou Sugar Factory, Chiayi

‧ December 15th to 16th Celebration of Production
Venue:Huwei Sugar Factory, Yunlin

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