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2nd wave of COVID-19 support by year end, filling up at TSC gas station to help vulnerable and earn cash back

After the cash back promotion during the first half of this year, TSC gas stations show concerns for social welfare again, by launching the "Fuel up for Love" campaign in the end of the year, from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020. During the campaign, TSC gas stations will convert a certain percentage of the total oil sales volume into donations for vulnerable groups, and offer cash back for customers. As in the post pandemic era, disadvantaged groups still need assistance. TSC calls for public to deliver warmth to those in need and safeguards Taiwan against the coronavirus.

"In April, the COVID-19 caused an economic shock. TSC gas stations initiated the first wave of support, cash back promotion campaign, and accompanied customers during the peak of the pandemic," TSC explains, "it was a very down-to-earth action and has earned rave reviews since then." Therefore, TSC continues to spread this positive energy and launched the "Fuel up for Love" campaign. From Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020, based upon the total oil sales volume of all 73 TSC gas stations across Taiwan, for each per kiloliter (kL) TSC will donate NT$10 worth of relief supplies which are estimated to be over NT$500,000 to 10 charities, such as Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, etc. The donation ceremony is going to be held at the charity fair in Xihu Sugar Refinery. Welcome everyone to pitch in and spread the warmth to social welfare organizations.

"In order to encourage acts of kindness, TSC petrol stations will give out 1 reward point for every 20 liters of gasoline refueled," TSC points out, "5 reward points can earn NT$50 cash back on gas." Customers can easily perform kind acts and save bucks while refueling their cars. TSC gas stations have issued 10 Love Rewards Cards, and people can just show their card numbers to redeem rewards points for relief supplies for supporting vulnerable groups.

"In addition to offering refueling service, we hope to exert greater social influence by building a platform for acts of goodness." TSC emphasizes. Good deeds can be easily performed during refueling cars which gathers love and generates a virtuous cycle for our society. As a new year ahead, the pandemic is not yet over. We must unite together and support each other for a better new year.

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