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Our Circular Economy Concept

Our Circular Economy (CE) Concept

Due to the shortage of natural resources, Taiwan highly relies on imports for over 99% of its energy and resources. Hence, companies must carefully assess the impact resulted from the bottlenecks of resource self-sufficiency on sustainable operations. The only solution for domestic enterprises to overcome the “resources” and “climate” risks is to establish innovative business models, create greater values with fewer resources, and further utilize resources to become sustainable and circular assets with these business models.

“Circular economy” is an economic and industrial system that optimizes the efficiency of resource use and makes them recoverable and renewable. A complete circular economy is planned based on zero waste, zero pollution, and constant reuse of energy/resources. It relies on the combination of different industries and the industrial symbiosis to achieve the optimal effect. Through the exchanges of energy, materials and products, it meets supply and demand and thus reduces not only the disposal cost of wastes and pollutants, but also the harm to the environment and ecology.

As a government-owned company, Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) bears the duty for leading the progress of domestic industries. TSC cooperates with the government's “5+2 Innovative Industries Plan” and actively promotes the circular economy projects. We look forward to effectively integrating domestic resources to fully develop circular economy-related industrial investments, followed by the driving of Taiwan’s overall circular economy operation and industrial upgrading.

TSC is founded on the basis of agriculture and possesses tremendous land and agricultural resources. In recent years, TSC has used its core capabilities and advantages in order to establish a high-value industry and to extract more benefits from local biological resources through superior techniques such as the full utilization of our sugar canes and pigs. While seeking professional cooperation and development opportunities actively, TSC has also introduced the 5F1B concept, containing Food, Fertilizer, Fuel, Feed, Fashion, and Biomaterial to achieve the "6E Effects", namely Economy, Environment, Ecology, Energy, Employment, and Education in fields like circular construction, organic farming, organic fertilizer, biogas power generation, solar power generation, orchid cultivation, and biorefinery, in the hope of gradually implementing the goal of “circular economy”.

“TSC promotes Circular Economy for a better Taiwan.” We are convinced that investing in TSC and in circular economy is exactly investing in Taiwan’s future. Development of CE is progressing step by step, and TSC is confident in its ability to lead the change in the transition from linear economy to circular economy, thereby establishing a “zero-waste and zero-pollution” industry model. In addition to showing the impact of TSC on Taiwan, the international competitiveness of both TSC and Taiwan will be further increased.

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