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Yuemei Sugar Factory, Taichung—A venue for seniors and youths to connect and interact.

Background and Goals

1. As our society is facing the trend of natural resource depletion and population aging, TSC has selected the site in Yuemei Sugar Factory in Taichung as a venue for promoting resource reuse and creating a senior-friendly living space. Various elements, including innovative lifestyle and ecological protection, will be incorporated in the plan for youths and seniors.

2. It is expected to be a benchmarking venue for people to collaborate and share circular economy ideas.


1. Buildings have been renovated based on the circular economy concept and available cultural resources in the Park. Using the building materials of the 2018 Flora Expo “Holland Pavilion” to redesign and renovate the characteristic buildings, “Creation Station” and “Sharing Plaza”. An NGO team has stationed in “Creation Station”. They combined creativity, environmental protection, public welfare and other aspects and operated canteens, carpentry courses and markets.   

2. Following the plan of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, part of the area in the Park has been designated as the site for the Houli Branch of Feng Yuan Hospital (FYH) and its long-term residential care facility.   (the land lease of residential care facility has already completed on  August 15 in 2022) Feng Yuan Hospital commissioned the construction department to handle new construction of long-term care institution, the bidding contents was reviewed after 2 bids.  The tender awarding date was March 15, 2023.The construction commenced in April 28, 2023. It's expected to complete by the end of  2024.

3. Featured local events will be introduced to attract audiences and tourists. Tours featuring sugar factory history, environmental education, and special cuisine will also be offered.

4. The subsidy of '' Industrial Cultural Assets Creative Project'' was approved by  the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture. Promoting sustainable education and reorganizing the cultural resources of sugar industry will be implemented by local younger entrepreneurs in Houli.

Future Development

1. With circular economy as its foundation, TSC plans to integrate local resources and sugar industry history to promote in-depth sustainable local tours.

2. TSC will assist in the upgrade and transformation of local businesses. Through the exchange and sharing of resources, new opportunities will be created for local businesses.


1. To attract emerging industries and build an environment for seniors and youths to share and revitalize the old sugar factory.

2. To provide a premium environment for circular economy promotion, R&D, and relevant production.

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