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Taiwan Enzyme Company (TEC)

Background and Goals

1. At present, the global enzyme market is dominated by European and American manufacturers, with three companies (Novozymes, DuPont and DSM) occupying more than 75% of the share. Taiwan domestic enzyme supplies mainly rely on imports; as a result, the product specifications, characteristics, and pricing are determined by the above-mentioned companies. The related enzyme products in our country are prone to industry pain points such as unstable supplies, pricing monopoly, and lagging immediate solutions. Because of the low degree of autonomy in high-end enzyme raw materials, it affects the domestic development of complete enzyme industry chains and new production processes and technologies.

2. The objective of this project is to set up an enzyme company, a joint venture by TSC and external strategic partners in terms of technology development, manufacturing, marketing and technical support services to further integrate domestic and foreign enzyme-related technologies and resources. It can take advantages of strategic partners to grasp market opportunities and in the meantime promote the development of Taiwan upstream, midstream and downstream biotechnology industries, provide key factors for the biological cycles in circular economy, and enhance Taiwan's international competitiveness.

3. The enzyme company is defined as a R&D and design firm with an estimated capital of NT$250 million. It is based on the TSC’s existing bacterial strain development and fermentation technologies and uses the TSC Livestock Business Division as the application platform. The goal is to firstly substitute imported feed enzymes and then gradually develop enzyme products that can facilitate Taiwan’s industrial upgrading and move towards a green process.


1. In 2019, the first generation of the feed enzyme production process and multiple animal trials were completed. Relevant trials are being performed continuously to improve the cogency of product and to meet international product requirements.

2. In 2020, the R&D team has kept developing feed enzymes, feather hydrolyzing enzymes, the bacterial strains for improving tea flavor and for degrading environmental toxins.

Future Development

1. Within 3 years, the target products, namely feed enzymes, feather hydrolyzed enzymes, tea flavor-improving enzymes, and environmental toxin degrading enzymes will be launched. 

2. The future aims also include creating environmental benefits such as green manufacturing processes and green products for Taiwan and assisting in industrial upgrading.


1. Replace imported feed enzymes.

2. Provide food, industrial and biomedical enzymes; focus on innovative products and customized products. Also, assist Taiwanese manufacturers in product/ process innovation and new business development.

3. Industrialize the technologies developed in academic and research circles, increase the value of technologies, and create employment opportunities.

Collaboration Opportunity

1. Develop green manufacturing processes or transformation projects with petrochemical or traditional industry sectors.

2. Collaborate with universities or legal persons to commercialize their research and development projects with potential for patenting and commercialization.

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