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Maguang Organic Agriculture Circular Park, Huwei Town

Background and Goals

1. In recent years, Taiwan has imported about 8 million metric tons of mixed grains every year, including 4 million metric tons of corn, 2.4 million metric tons of soybeans, and 1.6 million metric tons of wheat, but domestic products account for only about 6% of imported mixed grains, the self-sufficiency rate is on the low side. Therefore, this plan, in compliance with government policy, will build the largest organic food growing area in Taiwan on 197-hectare of land in Maguang Farm, Huwei Town, Yunlin County (subsidy source: Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan).

2. TSC is dedicated to the promotion of organic agriculture and the increasing of domestic food self-sufficiency rate following the government’s policy.


1.The first stage of construction started in August 2017 and finished in June 2019, the project scope is about 39 hectares (29 hectares for open-air cultivation and 10 hectares for public facilities).

2.The second stage of construction started in May 2020 and finished in December 2021, the project scope is about 158 hectares (64 hectares for open-air cultivation, 43 hectares for protected cultivation, and the rest are for public facilities including the service center).

Future Development

1. The establishment of an organic agriculture park will greatly reduce the pollution risk of neighboring fields in the organic farming process. A large-scale organic cultivation management mode could form an economy of scale, thus promotes the development of the organic industry to achieve cluster effect and increase return on investment for farmers.

2. TSC provides land for leasing as the park site, and National Formosa University and Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan jointly promote the recruitment, training and education for farmers.


1. This project will increase domestic certified organic growing area by about 197 hectares, create more than 1,000 jobs, generate the value of agricultural production by more than NT$ 112 million, and attract young farmers to return to Yunlin County to form agricultural business clusters and prosper rural areas.

2. In the future, the Park will conduct evaluation and special planning for the development of cold chain equipment and collection/processing centers based on production and sales needs.

3. Form a circular economy model (animal husbandry, biogas power generation, and food production base):

(1) Biogas slurry + organic materials → fermentation → back to farmland.

(2) Biogas residue + plant waste or cultivation bags, sawdust, etc. from the Park → composting → back to farmland.

(3) Planting in farmland → food production.

Collaboration Opportunity

The Park is leased to National Formosa University, which plans for the overall operation, crop planting and recruitment of young farmers. Information for the plan is available on the Internet to increase publicity and attract young farmers who are willing to be renters in Maguang Circular Organic Agriculture Park.

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