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Tung Sugar Energy Service Co., Ltd.

Background and Goals

1. The natural resource supply in Taiwan is limited, and energy shortage has often been the issue discussed during the economic development process. In recent years, European nations have been promoting circular economy with the concept of resource reutilization and environmental sustainability, and it is also an important policy of the government.

2. By investing in an energy service company, TSC looks forward to reusing biomass waste from the food processing and agricultural production industries and developing biogas energy that turns waste into fuel.


1. Four enterprises, including TSC, participated in the joint venture of Tung Sugar Energy Service Co., Ltd.

2. The joint venture project has been reviewed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and approved by the Executive Yuan. TSC has completed the shareholding procedure on July 7, 2020.

3. Tung Sugar Energy Service Co., Ltd. has planned to build a biogas center with a 5,000m3 digester in Neipu Industrial Park, Pintung. Construction is now in progress.

Future Development

The biogas center will charge treatment fees and collect biomass (such as distiller’s grains). With anaerobic fermentation, electricity generated by biogas will be sold to Taipower; biogas residue will then be sold as organic fertilizer raw material.


The energy service company is expected to assist in transforming biomass and wastewater into resources and energy and setting up a role model for waste treatment and reuse for the food industry in Taiwan.

Collaboration Opportunity

1. Fertilizer manufacturers and farmers can work together to turn biogas residue and slurry into fertilizer.

2. Local companies that generate biomass waste can cooperate to use biomass for biogas power generation.

3. Domestic biomass energy and wastewater treatment companies can collaborate for equipment or technology needed.

4. The energy service company will recruit local youths.

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