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Renovation and Investment Plan for Circular Pig Farms

Background and Goals

  1.  As environmental protection, animal welfare, and resource recycling awareness grows in importance, the modernization of our livestock business has become an urgent necessity. To address this, our pig farms have proposed renovation and modernization plans. Our goal is to build new, green energy pig farms that prioritize economic development and environmental protection, boosting production capacity, reducing odor, enhancing animal welfare, and providing the public with abundant, safe, and hygienic meat. The renovation will also assist in upgrading the domestic agricultural and livestock industries.
  2. The project, with a total investment of NT$12.4 billion, aims to complete the modernization of 13 pig farms by 2024. Following trial operations, full production is scheduled for 2025, aiming to comprehensively enhance the added value of livestock products.

Implementation Progress

  1. The first phase of the pig farm renovation project, encompassing six farms (two in Taichung, two in Yunlin, and two in Tainan), is underway. Except for the Yuemei farm in Taichung, which is scheduled for completion by May 2024, the other five new pig barns are currently undergoing pig testing and functionality evaluation.
  2. The second phase of the pig farm renovation project, encompassing seven farms (two in Chiayi and five in Pingtung), is progressing as follows: 
    1. The Nanjing farm in Chiayi and the Silin II farm in Pingtung are scheduled for completion by the end of June 2024.
    2. The Daxing I and Daxing II farms are scheduled for completion by the end of July 2024.
    3. The Luku farm in Chiayi County, the Silin I farm in Pingtung County, and the Xincun farm are scheduled for completion by the end of December 2024.

Future Development

  1. By transforming the image of pig farms as potential sources of pollution and "bad neighbors," enhancing environmental benefits, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, we aim to contribute to the upgrading of Taiwan's pig farming industry and achieve circular economy goals.
  2. Through the installation of biogas facilities, we will enhance our experience in anaerobic fermentation, desulfurization, and biogas power generation. We will also collaborate with external pig farmers through observation, training, and practical applications, ultimately assisting in the advancement of biogas technology across Taiwan.

Expected Benefits

  1. Transform the livestock industry into one that embraces "friendly spaces," "environmentally friendly pig farming," and "green energy."
  2. Achieve an annual biogas power generation target of 7.8 million kWh and an annual solar power generation target of 48 million kWh.
  3. Establish a modern pig farming model, creating job opportunities and improving the income of young farmers.
  4. Compared to traditional pig barns, the new negative pressure water curtain pig barns can reduce wastewater by over 75%.

Collaboration Partners and Opportunities

  1. Collaborate with potential fertilizer companies to supply biogas residue as a raw material for fertilizer production.
  2. Drive the modernization and upgrading of the private sector pig farming industry in Taiwan.
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