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Renovation and Investment Plan for Circular Pig Farms

Background and Goals

1. Environmental protection, animal welfare and resource recycling ideas are increasingly popular and important. TSC believes that it is time to commence the modernization of the livestock business and thus proposes plans for renovation and reformation of pig farms. TSC hopes that green pig farms can be built with both economic growth and environmental protection considered which could improve production capacity and animal welfare, reduce odor, and provide sufficient, safe and healthy meat to the public. It is hoped that this renovation plan can help in upgrading domestic agriculture and livestock industries.

2. The total investment is about NT$10.7 billion. The renovation of the 13 pig farms and trial operation is expected to be completed in 2023, and full production is scheduled in 2025. With the completion of these modern farms, TSC expects to enhance added value to livestock products.


1. The bidding and contract signing processes for the renovation of the first stage (6 pig farms) have been completed. A six-month trial run of Huwei pig farm has been begun since December 10, 2022, other 5 pig farms renovation construction are in progress.

2. The bidding for the second stage of the renovation project (7 pig farms) has been completed, and all construction licenses have been acquired. The renovation construction is in progress.

Future Development

1. To change the image of pig farms as the source of pollution and bad neighbors, improve the environmental benefits of pig farms, fulfill TSC’s social responsibility, and facilitate the upgrade of the livestock industry in Taiwan to achieve the goal of circular economy.

2. To improve Taiwan’s biogas technology by building biogas facilities, accumulating operating experience of anaerobic fermentation, desulfurization and biogas power generation along with training and on-site practice with the collaboration of external pig farms.


1. The target is to transform the animal husbandry industry into one that incorporates friendly raising space, environmental protection, and green energy concept.

2. The renewable electricity generation target of biogas power is 7.8 million kWh/year, and the solar power generation target is 48 million kWh/year in the park.

3. A modern model of pig farming can be established to create employment opportunities and increase income for young farmers.

4. Compared with traditional pig housing, the new housing with negative pressure and water curtain could reduce wastewater volume by more than 75%.

Collaboration Opportunity

1. Collaborating with potential partners such as fertilizer producers for converting digestate to organic fertilizer.

2. Leading the direction for renewal and upgrade for the livestock industry in the private sector.

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