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Shanhua Sugar Factory Circular Park

Background and Goals

1. Located in Shanhua Town in Tainan City, Shanhua Sugar Factory is one of the only 2 sugar cane mills still in operation in Taiwan. Abundant agricultural and livestock resources are present in the neighboring area, such as Zengwen Farm, piglet farm, organic farm, and organic compost site. Integrating with external resources such as raw kitchen waste treatment plant, agricultural waste recycling plant, agricultural grow bag recycling plant, and ecological zone (including sugar cane fields, detention basin, and the riverbank of Zengwen River), and this area can be transformed into a agricultural circular park for educational purposes.

2. The goal is to create a circular symbiosis zone with local features and to become a demonstration and education venue of agricultural circular economy.


1. The circular use of bagasse in mushroom grow bags has been studied since 2018. Technical standardization and gasification efficiency for RDF-5 made of bagasse, pig manure, and biogas residue have also been researched.

2. TSC is progressively exploring fast compost treatment technologies for kitchen waste and agricultural waste to reduce kitchen waste treatment burden for the local government and to facilitate circular use of waste material and maintain an eco-friendly environment.

3. In order to cooperate net zero path of government and summit the reduction strategy, Sugar Business Division had completed the ISO 14064-1:2018 GHG inventory in 2021, including Shanhua, Huwei and Xiaogang Sugar factory.

Future Development

1. Assessment has been performed regarding sugar cane yield, sugar production volume, byproducts (bagasse and filter cake) volume, sugar cane growing area, organic crop net house area, bagasse volume needed for organic compost site, number of piglets in the farm, raw kitchen waste volume to be treated by TSC for Tainan area, and nearby recreational resources.

2. The organic compost plant in Shanhua has been commissioned by the Tainan City Government to evaluate the feasibility of raw kitchen waste composting for some regions in the city.

3. With a history of over 100 years, Shanhua Sugar Factory is full of historical and cultural value. TSC is planning to transform the old sugar factory into a “living museum” for sugar production history. We will also work with domestic and foreign partners for planning the Shanhua Sugar Factory and Zengwen Farm as a circular symbiosis zone.

4. We will evaluate gasification system to traditional boilers in sugarcane factory.  It's expected to make the flue gas of boilers comply with 2020 air pollutant emission standard. Besides burning bagasses, other agricultural wastes can be the alternative to obtain the green electricity benefits.


1. A renewable energy center can be built that transforms organic waste (including livestock, agricultural, and raw kitchen waste) into power through biogas and biomass gasification. Organic waste can also be the source for the biorefinery process. By fully utilizing these resources, we can maintain a stable and diversified ecosystem and achieve the goal of a sustainable circular economy with organic waste.

2. With the circular symbiosis concept, the vast area of Zengwen Farm can be planned as an educational venue. With creative ideas and diverse cultural elements, the old sugar factory will be transformed into a new recreational site.

Collaboration Opportunity

1. Design of the circular park planning:

Potential partners: construction designer, energy system integrator, tourism industry.

Collaboration project: initial planning for Shanhua agricultural circular park.

2. Management of the circular park:

Potential partners: waste treatment service provider, tourism industry, organic compost industry, and food processor.

Collaboration project: energy integration within the circular park, value-added utilization for bagasse, and waste heat utilization.

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