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Green Production

          TSC actively promotes green production and has autonomously established an environmental management system. During the production process, we focus on the maintenance of natural resources, resource recycling, pollution control and ecological conservation to achieve the ideal of “non-polluting production and non-destructive growth” and continue to improve the environmental performance to reach the goal of sustainable operation.

Green Production - Management approach

Item Substance
Corresponding material topics
Energy, Water and Effluents, Emissions, Waste, Environmental ompliance, Circular Economy
  • Be devoted to the source management, waste reduction in the process and pollution prevention (Energy, Water and Effluents, Emissions, Waste, Environmental ompliance) 
  • To construct a value chain of the green circular economy (Circular Economy)
Commitments and goals
  • Short-term goals (within 3 years):
  1. Wastewater recovery rate (R2) at 80% 
  2. Implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management. Standards to improve environmental management performance.
  3. For frozen meat products in large and small packs to obtain carbon reduction label.
  4. To increase the use of renewable energy.
  5. Increase the recycling rate of oyster shells in Taiwan.
  • Medium and long-term goals (3 to 7 years):
  1. To comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations .
  2. The livestock manure and urine recovery rate exceeds 10% stipulated by the law 3. Replace the more polluting heavy oil with natural gas for the reduction of GHG emissions 4. Continue to study the recycling of agricultural waste and develop the recycling business in various fields.
Input resources
  • All the livestock farms invested NTD 788,123 thousand in the equipment improvement projects for pollution prevention and control 
  • Environmental protection expenditure of NTD 3,702,763 thousand (capital expenditure of NTD 2,940,196 thousand, operating expenditure of NTD 762,567 thousand) 
  • Invested NTD 10.74 billion to remodel 13 livestock farms into modern livestock housing. 
  • Invested NTD 170 million to build a biological material plant that recycles oyster shells for manufacturing.
  • Continue the research and development projects for the recycling of various waste.
Management System and Action

    Guidelines for Environmental Management, Guidelines for Online Declaration and Follow up Management of Business Wastes, Guidelines for Taiwan Sugar Corporation Checking and Accepting Land Pollution Prevention, Guidelines for Land Patrol, Guidelines for Providing Land as General Waste Disposal Sites for Local Governments, Environmental Accounting System, Environmental Management Standard (ISO 14001), Greenhouse Gas Inventory (ISO 14064), Carbon Footprint (PAS2050, ISO 14067), Water Footprint (WFN), and BS 8001 Circular Economy Standards.

      Assessment management mechanism
      Internal Control System, TSC Performance Assessment System, Corporate Sustainable Development Committee Work Plan and Implementation Review Meeting.

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