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This website is built on the principles of accessible web design. The main content of the website is divided into seven major sections:

  1. Top menu area, including back to home page, site navigation, etc.
  2. Website search area, providing keyword search and advanced search.
  3. Main menu area.
  4. Left menu area.
  5. The middle content area.
  6. Below functional area, including the footer navigation bar, website authorization instructions, etc.

The shortcut key for this site are set as follows:

  • Alt+U:Top menu area.
  • Alt+S:Website search area.
  • Alt+M:Main menu area。
  • Alt+L:Left menu area。
  • Alt+C:The middle content area.
  • Alt+F:Below functional area.

If you are using Internet Explorer, the shortcut key is [Alt] plus the defined letter; if you are using Firefox, the shortcut key is [Alt] plus [Shift]. Defined letters.

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