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Multiple uses of forest land

         TSC implements proper thinning on the existing forest land that can improve the growth and shape and quality of trees, gain benefits such as increasing vegetation, increasing forest stock, promoting tree growth and maintaining tree health. Therefore, the operation branches of TSC will continue forest tending and management and will actively implement thinning in accordance with the growth status and stand density of the plantation land to achieve the goal of revitalizing the forests. Planning is also conducted based on the soil conditions and growth of tree species to increase the area of forests, strengthen forest management, and create the most favorable conditions for the development of carbon sinks for the future in advance.

          TSC expects to align with the current economic, environmental, and social development for the planning of the flat land afforestation and its successive implementation. To enable continuous contribution of the afforestation land to the country’s sustainable development, we will make multiple uses such as timber production, under-forest economy, and sustainable management, while maintaining the ecological, landscape and recreational functions and recreation of the cultural value. We also take the inventory of the afforestation land resources again as an opportunity for forest policy transformation, so as to further respond to the expectation of the general public and assume the social responsibility of a state-owned enterprise.

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