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Ecology maintenance

          TSC has a vast area of land resources and has cooperated with COA’s afforestation policy for the greening of idle land. As of December in 2020, the area for afforestation and tending has amounted to 11,957.84 hectares in total, including afforestation for all, environmentally friendly forests, selffunded   afforestation and flatland afforestation. The current 20-year subsidy period for afforestation will expire, and afforestation will still continue in the ecology maintenance forests and 3 flatland forests, and diversified utilization of such land for wildlife protection areas, agro-silvo-pastoralism, eco-tourism and others will be individually planned.

  • Ecological Maintenance Project in MASADIFOREST, Hualien

          It is planned to set up a flatland forest park across the East Rift Valley in the MASADIFOREST, connecting the coastal mountains and the Central Mountain Range.This is the first flatland forest successfully recovered in Taiwan. The development of the park is divided into two cultures (sugar culture and aboriginal culture) and two ecological systems (low-carbon ecotourism and ecological conservation).

  • Aogu Wetland in Dongshi Township,Chiayi

          There are a large number of migratory birds and aquatic birds in Aogu Wetland. Besides, it is near tourist attractions like Gangko Temple of Bungang Port and Dongshi Fishing Harbor, rich in environmental educational significance. Aogu Wetland is planned to be developed into a wetland park and the affiliated Dongshi Farm was planned to serve as a wildlife reserve. Among it, 1,462 hectares of land was planned as a flatland forest park by the Forestry Bureau (including 664 hectares of land proclaimed by COA as a habitat for wildlife and 512.1 hectares of national important wetland proclaimed by Ministry of Interior).

          It is worth mentioning that the Haipu Livestock Farm located in Aogu Wetland Forest Park has an area of 17.815 hectares. It is a legal pig farm approved by Chiayi County Government. The water discharged from this site has long provided bio-nutrients to Aogu Wetland, and it is also an important factor for this region to maintain diversified biological phase and ecological balance.

  • Jacana Ecological Education Park in Guantien

          In 1980, due to the development of Taiwan’s highspeed railway, the route planned happened to pass through this important habitat of pheasant-tailed jacana, Hulupi in Guantian Township.After coordination, Tainan City Government rented TSC’s property at Fanzitian Section No.767 and others with a total of eight pieces of land, with the area of approximately 15 hectares to establish the Jacana Ecological Education Park in Guantian for the implementation of the breeding plan, creating a pond-based breeding area for pheasant-tailed jacana. The Jacana Ecological Education Park in Guantian has been established for the implementation of the breeding plan to conduct the habitat restoration by planting water chestnut, lotus, prickly water lily, water lily and other plants. As of 2020, the number of adult birds was 83, the number of nests was 94, that of eggs was 338, that of the hatched was 136, and that of fledglings is 85. So far, the number of pheasant-tailed jacana in the Great Tainan Area has reached 1,723, and among them, 1,408 are in Guantian alone. (Provided from minawata ecological education park)

  • Ecological restoration in Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort

           Jianshanpi was originally a reservoir providing water for sugar production. In the process of transforming into a resort, conflicts between the tourists and the environment in the low-elevation mountain area were found, coupled with the influence of climate change, we started to reflect on how to maintain the sustainability of the ecological environment of the reservoir to enable coexistence between human and nature. In 2015, the Environmental Education Center was established, conducting investigation on the ecological species in the park, establishing environmental interpretation database, creating ecological habitats and building animal nest boxes. In addition, community residents are recruited as volunteers to promote related education concerning low elevation mountain in the neighboring elementary schools. Environmental seminars, promotion of energy conservation and carbon reduction and eco-hotels were also organized and promoted.

           Under our continuous efforts, Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort was awarded the Excellent Unit for the Promotion of Environmental Education by Tainan City in 2019, and in 2020, it was honored with EPA’s Bronze-Level Green Mark Hotel and the Merit Award in the 7th National Environmental Education Award, making it an model to combine environmental education with the eco-hotel in Taiwan.

  • Haifeng Wetland

          Haifeng Wetland is located near the Chonglan Jiuzhen (canal) in Haifeng Area. Pingtung County Government rented the 13.74-hectare land from TSC and planned a primary sedimentation tank, natural purification channels and a 6-hectare ecological pond as the means of purifying the water quality of Chonglan Jiuzhen (canal), injecting water into the old waters. There are 66 species of birds, 2 species of crustaceans, 13 species of fish, 83 species of insects, 8 species of amphibians, 13 species of reptiles, 16 species of mammals, 2 species of snails, and 318 species of plants in this wetland. This wetland is with biodiversity, ecological function and scientific research value, and various aquatic birds and insects live and prosper here.

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