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Sustainability Report

2023 TSC Sustainability Report (English Version)

     Taiwan Sugar Corporation ( hereinafter referred to as “Taiwan Sugar”, “TSC”, “the Company”, and“We”) started to publish its Corporate Sustainability Report annually from 2010, and this is the fourteenth publication of our Sustainability Report. This 2023 Sustainability Report focuses on the core of “Climate Impact”, “Business Planning”, and “Social Influence”, combined with the five major business strategies of “Deep Rooting Health and New Agriculture Related Business”, “Promoting Circular Economy and Green Related Industries”, “Accelerating Asset Activation”, “Improving Operational Performance”, and “Deep Rooting Overseas Investment and Cooperation with Diplomatic Allies”, with thirty-four major sustainability topics and reinforced disclosure of our Management Approaches to respond to the importance of all the major topics to Taiwan Sugar Corporation. In addition, we also 
make efforts to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals  ( SDGs ) to enable the general public to understand the results and our endeavor in terms of sustainability development.

     The  editorial  principle  of  this  Report  is  based  on  the  combination  of  the  corporate  culture  of  Taiwan Sugar  Corporation  and  the  visions  of  future  sustainable  management.  The  Report  is  divided  into  six chapters,including“Stepping toward Sustainable Governance ”,“Climate Adaptation Actions”, “Proper Use of Land Resources”, “Taisugar Food Products are Safe and Reliable”, “Community Interaction and Potential Impacts”, and “Partnerships that Create Social Ties”. TSC takes actions to support sustainable development and discloses its endeavors and achievements in terms of sustainable development indicators, including economy, product liabilities, environmental and social participation, labor care, and human rights related matters. Relevant data are organized 
and detailed in this Report. It is hoped that with the release of this Report, the general public can have a better understanding of and trust in Taiwan Sugar’s performance and efforts in every aspect of the corporate sustainability in 2022.
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